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motorhome hobos and their VW T4 campervan

This is our new vanlife blog – the introductory Motorhome Hobos’ Vanlife Blog post no less!

We have spoken about writing a blog for a while but life has got in the way. And, to be perfectly honest, a lack of clarity on the difference between pages and posts. We are Hobos, not IT experts!!

But right here, right now, you are witnessing the beginnings of something extraordinary. Well, interesting anyway. We hope.

The blog is going to contain comments and stories from our time with our VW T4 Cree motorhome; where we’ve been, who we’ve seen, and a whole lot more in between!!

It will be about the day-to-day matters which affect people who drive these vehicles. We will tell their stories and give our own personal views. Impressions of life as seen through the van windscreen – moments in passing that would otherwise imprint briefly on the consciousness before slipping away again.

Sometimes, the blog will inform and feed a content page. It will be the ‘advertising trailer’ for the epic production to follow. At other times, the post will be the only place you see a particular story or point of view.

Disposing of motorhome black waste

Currently the hot topic is waste disposal!

Recently we were contacted by people who live along the NC500. Their local public toilets are often blocked, or closed for the summer. What has this got to do with motorhomes? It seems that we are being blamed! Locals claim that drainage problems arise when black waste cassettes are emptied into toilets.

We doubted that black waste cassettes cause blockages, after all it is mainly liquid. Enquiries made on social media showed that most vanlifers agree with us. We have been assured by aggrieved folks that further evidence will be with us soon however.

We are keen to find out more! Firstly we need to ensure that our site advises environmentally sound practices. Secondly, if people resent having motorhomes in their locality, then councils will withdraw parking permissions. Thirdly, motorhomes are not being welcomed. Finally, there is the real risk of aggression.

We genuinely prefer to be on good terms with those we pass along the way. So knowing that there are those who feel “we” as part of a community are making their lives difficult saddens us.

It is important that motorhome users respect the environment of the places they travel to. It is equally important that they respect the views of people who live there! We have made alterations to our Wild Camping in a Motorhome page in response to Scottish concerns and posted a useful resource.

Motorhome Travels

In July we spent a few days in Wiltshire, a beautiful county with plenty of ancient history…

Vanlife Blog: Silbury Hill and an old motorhome
Our VW Cree at Silbury Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

We stayed at Postern Hill campsite in Savernake Forest, highly recommended for a stay in natural surroundings without too many bells and whistles.

The only real issue we had was the sheer volume of traffic on the roads. It is going to be this way for 2021 we suppose. It took much longer than we had anticipated to get there and back again. We always have the “direct or scenic route” conversation. We went scenic on the way there, and direct on the way back. Neither was any faster although we will always use the prettier way if it is viable.

So here endeth the first edition of our blog – a small snippet of what is to come. The homely gossip of shared experiences.

See you on the road!

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