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If you’re looking for an older RV this gallery of vintage vans and motorhomes will give you an idea of what’s out there. And our rough price guide will help you set a realistic budget.

Motorhomes come in different classes so we’ve divided this page into classes A, B, and C so you can go straight to the type of vehicle you’re looking for. We’ll also take a look at other options such as smaller campervans, old-school buses, and overland/off-roader vehicles.

And there’s a free RV inspection checklist you can download before you go to see any vehicle you’re interested in.

vintage vans and motorhomes: gallery and price guide

The used motorhomes market

Just before we get to the gallery, we’d like to say a little bit about the motorhome market…

With a shortage of new stock over the last few years, prices of motorhomes – both new and used – have increased. Secondhand RVs, up to say 15 years old, can still demand a high price. Most of the vans you’ll see on this page are at least 20 years old where you’re more likely to find a bargain.

For instance, we bought our 1992 VW Autotrail Cree for £6000. It confirmed to us that there are still many good old RVs on the market that needn’t cost you a fortune.

Indeed, most of the campervans and motorhomes you’ll see in this gallery are valued between 5K and 15K.

TOP TIP: If you are planning on buying an older RV make sure you read 13-things you must check when viewing older motorhomes and campervans. You don’t want to end up with a money pit!

If you’re looking for Volkswagen campervans go straight to these pages…

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For other RVs just scroll down to see vintage vans and motorhomes from Ford, Talbot, Fiat, Peugeot, Renault, Mercedes, Hymer, Winnebago and others.

To make it easier for you to view this page, we’ve added a table of contents below so you can go straight to the vans you’d like to see the most, separated into A, B, and C-class vehicles.

All photographs are © Copyright Motorhome Hobos unless stated


A-class motorhomes are the largest on the RV market. They are perfect if you want to travel as a family or want to live full time in the vehicle.

They are shaped like a bus and the extra space means that A-class RVs often have all the facilities on-board you’ll ever need, even a dishwasher and washing machine (especially the U.S. models).

Bear in mind that A-class RVs cost more to run and service and are not so easy to park (especially here in the UK). And because of their size, you can forget about stealth camping!

Let’s look at a few vintage A-class motorhomes…

Fiat-Talbot Elddis 300 Special

vintage vans and motorhomes: Fiat Elddis

We’ve seen this 1991/92 Fiat-Talbot Elddis 300 Special a few times in our home town in Suffolk. The design is very much of the period with the big stripe down the sides, much like our VW Cree.

Under the bonnet these A-class motorhomes usually have a 2.5 litre diesel engine. Inside this model you can sleep 4 people; there’s a drop down bed in the cab area and the dining table converts into another double bed.

See some more pics of a Talbot Elddis 300

ESTIMATED VALUE: models that may require some repair work can be picked up for around £4000. For better models with a good service history and full MOT you could expect to double that, if not a little more.

FFB Tabbert MC 8 (on a Mercedes 308)

Mercedes vintage motorhome

We spotted this Tabbert-Mercedes driving into Shotley Marina, near Ipswich. It’s got a huge windscreen and side cab windows that resemble a greenhouse! We wonder if it gets hot under the sun?

This one is left-hand drive from 1981. Over forty years old and still looking great!

A WORD FROM THE OWNER: We were thrilled to receive an email from Mr John S., the owner of this A-class motorhome, when he found this picture in our gallery. He told us the van is an FFB Tabbert MC 8, built on a Mercedes 308 chassis. John has owned the van for 13 years.

See what others say about these Tabberts

ESTIMATED VALUE: these Tabbert-Mercedes are pretty rare. Expect to pay around £10,000 for one in lovely condition.

Fiat Hymer ‘Hypermobil’

classic Fiat Hymer motorhome seen at Felixstowe

When we first saw this we thought it was a Mercedes but the owners informed us it’s actually a Fiat. R reg (1997) and looking very nice inside and out.

We were curious about there being no driver’s door. Seems like the only entrance/exit for the driver is the hab door. Or maybe you slide across and exit via the passenger side, where there does appear to be a door.

And we wondered about that very tall but thin locker door at the back which was less than a foot wide. What goes in there? Quirky Italians!

ESTIMATED VALUE: despite being over 25 years old, these A-class Hymers in excellent condition like this one still demand a price of around £15K, if not more.

Chevrolet Winnebago Honey

Vintage vans and motorhomes: a classic 1986 Winnebago RV

A classic American RV, this Winnebago Honey was spotted by Hobo Trudi whilst Gav was concentrating on the road. He soon turned round and pulled over and was in van life heaven!

Gav has always loved these old Winny’s and was fortunate enough to have a look inside of one several years ago. This model looks like she needs some TLC.

See another pic of this very model on Flickr

ESTIMATED VALUE: despite the sentimental value, keep your sensible head on! These old Winny’s will almost always need some work doing on them. In this condition don’t pay more than £5000 max. Then you’ll still have a load of work to do to get it right.

TOP TOP: Although these classic American RVs make us all nostalgic, we encourage you to be wary if you’re planning on buying one. Consider where you’d get spare parts. And can you afford to drive a vehicle that only does about 10 mpg?

Fiat Hymer B644

vintage vans and motorhomes: Hymer B544 A-class motorhome 1993 L reg

If you want that American RV look, maybe something like this Hymer B644 built on a Fiat chassis would be a more sensible option? In our storage yard Gav’s eyes lit up when he saw this classic. What a beauty it is.

Notice the van is left-hand drive and that there is no cab door for the driver. Nonetheless, this 1993 A-class motorhome is charming.

Gav got speaking to the owners, who told him the van’s name is Gerald. He looks just as good inside, with 3 double beds (a drop down bed above the front seats, a dinette table that turns into a bed, and a fixed bed at the back) making this the perfect motorhome for a family.

ESTIMATED VALUE: The owners paid £14,000 for this Hymer in 2022. This RV might be 30 years old but in good condition these Hymers – even the older ones like this – hold their value.

See more images of old Hymers

Peugeot Boxer Pilote Galaxy

vintage vans and motorhomes: 1998 Peugeot Pilote Galaxy A-Class motorhome

This A-class motorhome is a Peugeot Boxer Pilote Galaxy and what a fab motorhome she is. We were at RAF Lakenheath when this van got more of Gav’s attention than the fighter jets and he snuck in a couple of pictures as it drove away.

There were several different models of these Pilote’s made, so we’re not sure exactly which one this is. Perhaps you could let us know? Whatever, she looks amazing and S reg makes this a 1998 model. See more pics of a Pilote like this here.

ESTIMATED VALUE: You’d expect to pay up to £17,500 for one of this age in tip-top condition, if not a little more.

Another Fiat-Talbot Elddis 300 Special

vintage vans and motorhomes: Fiat Talbot Elddis 300

Same as van #1 in this A-class section, this is another good example of an Elddis 300 Special. It looks like a private number plate so we’re not sure if the N means 1995 (though the styling is of that era).

ESTIMATED VALUE: As with the first van in this gallery, you can snap rough ones up for around 4K but double that for excellent examples with good service history and a full year’s MOT.


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B-class vehicles are more like campervans than motorhomes. Whereas A and C-class RVs are ‘coach-built’, B-class campervans are usually converted from standard panel vans. They are usually smaller and more compact than A and C-class RVs, making them easier to drive and park.

However, smaller interior space often means these B-class vans sleep only 2 people. And some don’t have an on-board toilet (something we couldn’t do without!)

This is where you need to work out what you want from your interior space. What are you willing to compromise on?

Let’s look at some B-class campervans…

Fiat-Talbot Express

classic Talbot campervan at Lavenham: vintage vans and motorhomes

This is a Fiat-Talbot Express, seen in the picturesque tourist village of Lavenham in Suffolk.

It’s all the way from Germany and is in fantastic condition but, because of the German plate, we don’t know the exact year of the vehicle. Looks like a mid to late 80s model. The pop-top roof means it would be high enough to stand up in.

ESTIMATED VALUE: examples in good condition like this one can be found for 6-7K. Tatty models in need of some TLC can be picked up for around £2000.

See more vans like this in the Talbot Express Owner’s Club

Bedford CF 250

Bedford CF campervan 1971

On a drive through Long Melford, we spotted this and quickly did a u-turn and pulled over. What a gem! A 1971 Bedford CF campervan, looking sweet! These Bedfords were in direct competition with Ford’s Transit vans in the 70s and 80s and we don’t know which were best. What’s your opinion?

The CF was actually ‘the last solely Vauxhall engineered vehicle’, according to Wikipedia, font of all knowledge!

If you’re interested in finding out more about these classic Bedford campervans, check out this great article in the Practical Motorhome magazine.

ESTIMATED VALUE: in tip-top condition you can expect to pay around £5000 to £6000 for one of these classics. Rough ones (and there aren’t many left) can be yours for less than a grand.

Ford Transit Campervan

T-reg silver Ford Transit campervan

This 1999 Ford Transit camper is a real beauty. Immaculate condition and the styling still looks great more than 20 years after she first hit the road.

Ford Transits are one of the most popular vehicles for DIY van conversion but it’s clear to see that this is no home-made job. A camper like this makes a perfect van for a couple (the lounge area converts into a double bed) with all on-board facilities.

ESTIMATED VALUE: in fab condition like this one you’d expect to have to pay up to £15,000 for a Transit of this age.

Mercedes Sprinter

vintage vans and motorhomes: Mercedes Sprinter at Bawdsey, Suffolk

We got speaking to Emile who had spent Covid lockdowns in this S reg Mercedes Sprinter at Bawdsey Quay. A full time van-dweller, he told us he’d bought it for only £350 (yes, three hundred and fifty!) and kitted it out himself and with the help of some friends.

It has never let him down, despite several trips around Europe. His next destination is Greece.

ESTIMATED VALUE: Yes, you can pick these up dirt cheap like Emile did, but good ones from the same era (late 90s) and which have been converted well, can cost £10,000 or thereabouts.

Mercedes Sprinters are one of the most popular vans for DIY conversion. Check out 3 great resources we recommend for campervan conversion

LDV ‘Sherpa’ Convoy

vintage vans and motorhomes: LDV van at Shotley

This B-class campervan is a 1999 LDV Convoy otherwise known as a British Leyland ‘Sherpa’ van, commonly used in the UK by the Post Office and other utility companies.

Today, this van has its own unique styling and we had to chuckle at the lettering on the side that says, ‘Temperamental – half temper and half mental’. It’s the same type of van Van Dog Traveller drives. See our review of his book How to Live in a Van and Travel.

ESTIMATED VALUE: good examples that are fully converted and ready to hit the road can sell for up to £5000.

How to live in a van and travel

LDV ‘Sherpa’ Pilot

army green LDV Pilot campervan seen at Thetford

Walking out of McDonald’s in Thetford we simply had to take a quick snapshot of this army-green LDV Pilot campervan. These Pilot vans are the smaller version of the LDV Convoys and were also used by Royal Mail.

We really love the colour of this no-nonsense van and the artwork makes it even more unique.

ESTIMATED VALUE: Like the Convoys, these smaller Sherpa Pilot LDVs – done up nicely like this one – can demand a price of up to 5K. Rough ones can be snapped up for under a grand.

Read more about the LDV Sherpa story

Iveco Daily Campervan

Iveco Daily Campervan

We saw this Iveco ‘daily’ campervan in Stowmarket and got talking to the owner. His plan is to change some of the interior layout and put in slightly bigger overhead cupboards. As we chatted, his ebay purchase turned up – a set of VW/Audi seats for the cab – the most comfortable he’s ever sat in, so he told us.

This B-class campervan is R reg (1997), making it a second generation Iveco and she’s in wonderful condition, inside and out. And yes, that is a TV aerial at the back.

ESTIMATED VALUE: in good condition expect to pay 6 to 7K for an Iveco Daily campervan of this age.

Iveco Daily Campervan (LWB)

Iveco Daily Campervan at Felixstowe, Suffolk

Another Iveco ‘Daily’, but this one is a long-wheel base model. It seems to go on forever!

We met Renny and Sally at Old Felixstowe who told us they’d bought this S reg (1998) model for just £2100 on ebay when holidaying in Portugal. Turned out that it needed lots of welding doing to it (which he was able to do himself, luckily).

Gav had a good look inside; there is a fixed bed at the rear with loads of storage space from which Renny is still finding things, including a picnic table he didn’t know he had! And there’s a shower hose on the outside so you can stand there and hose yourself down after a dip in the sea – or cool off on a hot summer’s day!

ESTIMATED VALUE: As Renny found out, rough models of this age can be bought for around £2000. In better condition and you’d double or treble that amount.

Would you like to convert a van rather than buy one readymade? Then check out the Vanlife Academy…

Leyland LDV DAF 200 series

Leyland DAF LDV campervan

If you’d prefer a smaller panel-van conversion, how about this lovely little Leyland DAF? We spotted this at the car park at Happisburgh (pronounced Haysborough) on a North Norfolk road trip.

These Leyland’s, like the LDV vans shown above, were often seen being used as Post Office vans. This L reg model could have been one of the first of the 200 series which were made from 1993-1997. Lovely condition and hopefully she’ll be on the road for another decade or longer.

ESTIMATED VALUE: like the other LDV vans shown above, better examples can be as much as £5000. Though typically, you can pick up these little DAF 200s for around £3-£4000.

See more pics of Leyland DAFs


army green VW LT45 campervan

We got talking to Lee, Anna, and Billy when we saw their van – a 1995 VW LT45. They had previously owned a much loved VW campervan, then a Winnebago-style RV, before finding this Volkswagen on Ebay. The seller wanted £7,500 but Lee – a welder by trade – could see the van needed extensive repairs and got £3000 off the asking price! That’s what we call bartering!

Lee fixed the rust, painted the van army green, and created a lovely cosy interior. The engine is 2.4 6-cylinder and averages about 22 mpg. This old VW looks ready for anything!

ESTIMATED VALUE: Depending on condition, a VW LT45 of this age can cost up to £7500. But be wary of major repair work, as Lee was with this V-Dub. (Remember to read our info on 13 things you must look for on older motorhomes and campervans).


The classic VW T1 and T2 gallery

The Volkswagen T3/T25 gallery

The VW T4 Eurovan/Transporter gallery


C-class motorhomes could be seen as the smaller cousins of the larger A-class models. However, they are shaped slightly differently, usually with an overcab sleeping area. (Many newer C-class motorhomes have a ‘low-profile’ design where the overcab area is used as storage space instead of sleeping).

C-class motorhomes are more economical compared to the big A-class models and, although smaller, still have just about everything on board you’ll ever need (minus the dishwasher!)

Our VW Cree is a C-class model. Let’s look at some other examples…

Peugeot Boxer Autostratus

Vintage vans and motorhomes: a mid 1990s Peugeot motorhome in a car park

We love these older Peugeots and something like this would have been on our radar had we not got the VW Cree.

This model sleeps 6 and was coach-built by Autotrail. It’s a 1994 model (two years newer than our VW but you can still see the unmistakable styling, what with that stripe down the side). It has the same overcab sleeping area, albeit with two front windows compared to our one.

ESTIMATED VALUE: Expect to spend upwards of 10K for a mid 90s model in excellent condition.

Chevy Express 3500

Chevy Express RV

Gav’s son, Isaac, spotted this in the Co-Op car park at Elmswell in Suffolk. We soon got talking to owner, Pete, who told us it was a 6.5 litre V-8 ex flat-bed truck from the US army. The previous owner had turned it into a proper American RV built onto a Chevy Express 3500 chassis.

It’s got a ’97 plate on it and Pete says it’ll do about 20 mpg (if he’s lucky!) He drives all the way to Italy where he lives in the van over winter and spends his time jumping off mountains for fun! Thanks for telling us your story, Pete, and this Chevy is a great looking beast of a van!

ESTIMATED VALUE: in top-notch condition and fully kitted out like this one, you’d have to fork out around £10-£12,000 for a Chevy of this age.

Talbot Express Swift

This Talbot Express Swift is a 1990 model and has an overcab sleeping area. The lounge space will convert into a bed, making this a 4-berth van. This is a G-reg model in good condition for the year.

Hobo Gav took a sneaky shot when everyone else were busy watching F-15 fighter jets taking off at RAF Lakenheath. (Gav would rather van-spot than plane spot!)

ESTIMATED VALUE: In good condition and with a long service history, a Talbot Express motorhome circa 1990 like this would sell for between £5000-£7500.

Fiat Ducato Swift ‘Kon-tiki’

Fiat Kontiki: vintage vans and motorhomes

Very similar to the other Talbots and Fiats in this gallery, this one was spotted in a village near Stowmarket. We’ve always loved these vans and probably would have gone for something like this had our VW Cree not come along.

These Kon-tiki’s sleep up to 6 people and this one is in need of a good clean. It’s on an F plate, making her a 1988/89 model.

ESTIMATED VALUE: in rather tired condition like this, you can buy these late 80s 6-berth Kon-tiki Swifts for under 5K. Better and slightly newer models (1990s) can go for double.

See the black lines/streaks on the body work? This seems inevitable, especially on older vans, but the best thing we’ve found to get rid of black streaks on motorhomes is this stuff called ‘Silky‘. Even stubborn streaks were removed on our van with a little elbow grease.

silky - the best product to remove black streaks from your motorhome


telescoping brush for cleaning motorhomes

Fiat Ducato

vintage vans and motorhomes: Fiat Ducato motorhome, coachbuilt by Autotrail

Another lovely older van spotted in our home town, this is a 96/97 Fiat Ducato in really good condition. As we keep saying, good, older vans are out there! This is yet another C-class coach-built by Autotrail.

If you look closely you’ll see a large scratch along the side near the top. It’s something you really can’t avoid, especially if you’re driving along narrow country lanes and meet someone coming the other way.

ESTIMATED VALUE: in good condition inside and out, a model of this age with good service history can demand around £10,000.

Peugeot Boxer

Peugeot Boxer motorhome 1997

At Bawdsey – one of our favourite places along the Suffolk coast – we saw this Peugeot Boxer coach-built by Elddis. It’s a P reg, making it a 1997 model and she appears to be in lovely condition. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this van here beside the river. In fact, it seems to be a permanent fixture! Like the previous van, you’d need to part with 10K for one in top nick.

R.I.P. John Pelham…

We visited Bawdsey on 1st January 2022 and were shocked and saddened to hear of the death of John (who owned this Peugeot motorhome and had lived in it throughout lockdown by the river). His daughter, Louise, got in touch to tell us John had, “…passed away in his van in the place he loved most.”

We took a picture of a memorial and flowers which Louise gave us permission to show. One describes John as, “A Bawdsey massive legend,” and the other tells John to, “Rest in peace in the layby in the sky.”

You’ll be forever remembered here, John Pelham.

John Pelham memorial at Bawdsey, Suffolk
John Pelham memorial Bawdsey, Suffolk
John Pelham memorial Bawdsey, Suffolk

Mercedes 207D

Classic Mercedes 207D campervan in carpark at Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

On a trip to see the ancient stone circle at Avebury we spotted this beauty rolling into the car park. We got chatting to the owner, Becky, who told us the van’s name is Elen (one ‘L’) and that she had been bought for just £3000. What a bargain! This F reg. Mercedes is a 1988/89 model and has a 2.4 litre engine.

The coach-building was done by Autotrail and the broad coloured lines were typical of the styling at the time. Becky was happy to show us the inside, (through the rear hab door) where she’s done some great work on the cupboards and lighting. It looked really cosy in there!

Like all older motorhomes, these Mercedes are notoriously slow going up hills, as mentioned on this forum. It’s something you’ll need to get used to if you’re planning on buying an ‘elder of the tribe’.

ESTIMATED VALUE: yes, if you’re lucky you can grab hold of one of these 207D Mercs for as little as £3000 just like Becky did. In best condition you might need to pay double that.

Mercedes 409D

vintage vans and motorhomes: Mercedes 409D campervan

Another Merc! Walking through Rendlesham Forest, we spotted this lovely Mercedes 409D and Gav got speaking to owners Dave and Sue. What a van she is! M reg makes her a 1994 model and, according to the odometer, she’s only done 47,000 miles. That’s hardly run in for one of these robust Mercedes diesel engines that last forever!

Inside is lovely wood panelling and a cosy log-burner for those cold winter evenings. They told Gav one of the skylights has a leak but new ones are easily sourced from Fiamma. (Our 1992 VW van has the exact same skylights).

ESTIMATED VALUE: depending on condition (as always) you can get yourself a 409D of around this age for about £3000 – £6000.

See more Mercedes 409d vans

Ford Transit Campervan

1989 Ford Transit campervan parked up at campsite in Wiltshire

On a campsite near Marlborough in Wiltshire we spotted this lovely Ford Transit and were delighted when Dave and Georgie showed us round. The van is a 1989 model, bought for just £2000 6 years ago. It has a 2 litre Ford Pinto petrol engine and averages 28 mpg.

You won’t believe that it still has its original beige carpet inside (in lovely condition) plus all the original worktops which still look fantastic to this day. Georgie has made some beautiful new curtains. The layout inside makes great use of the space and there is a rear lounge which converts into a cosy sleeping area at night. And the overcab bed makes this a 4-berth campervan.

ESTIMATED VALUE: Like Dave, you might be able to pick up an old Transit like this for as little as £2000. Newer ones obviously cost more, especially with full service history.

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Fiat ‘Scout’ by Autotrail

vintage vans and motorhomes: an Autotrail Fiat Scout 1990s motorhome

In Llanberis, Wales, we parked up in the central car park and Gav headed straight over to get a picture of this gorgeous motorhome. The unmistakable coachbuilding and blue lines make this van easy to identify as an Autotrail, typical of the 1990s.

It has the very same hab door and gas locker door as our van. And the rear ladder and roof rack are almost identical as well. This is a K-reg (92/93) Fiat ‘Scout’ and must be at least 22 feet long. She probably sleeps 5 or even 6, making this RV ideal for a family road trip.

We’ve never seen another like this and we think she’s lovely.

ESTIMATED VALUE: in top condition inside and out, you’d need to fork out between 9 and 11K for one of these.

Peugeot Boxer Autostratus – 6 berth

Peugeot Boxer Autostratus Elddis 6-berth motorhome

On a trip to Thetford, Hobo Gav spotted this lovely 2001 Peugeot ‘Autostratus’ and raced off to speak to the owner, Alan, who is retired and lives fulltime in this 6-berth van with his lovely German Shepherd called Shadow…and a parrot! As Shadow is now an elder of the tribe, Alan recently made the ramp to help him in and out of the van.

Just the day before, Alan hand-painted the bumper and lines down the side (a stippling effect created with sponges). Alan had spent the night wild camping by the river Ouse. Indeed, he told us he never uses campsites and very rarely has any hassle off anyone.

His plans are to get the ferry to Spain, “probably for Shadow’s last time,” then get across the Med to Morocco.

ESTIMATED VALUE: a well looked-after turn of the century Peugeot like this would set you back around £12,000 to £15,000.

Fiat-Talbot Express

old Talbot motorhome seen at Felixstowe, Suffolk

This fantastic C-reg 1986 Fiat-Talbot was spotted along the seafront at Felixstowe. These sleep 5 or 6 so make for a perfect family motorhome.

This one looks like it’s in good condition and we love the green decal on the side. The net curtains are a nice vintage touch.

The solar panel you can just see on the roof means this van has a good way of charging electrics, especially on sunny days like this.

ESTIMATED VALUE: These old Talbots from the mid to late 80s can still fetch up to 10K in tip top condition. Tatty ones can be picked up for £2000-£3000. If you’re thinking of buying an older motorhome like this remember to check out 13 things you must look for on older RVs and campervans

Fiat ‘Eura-Mobil’

6 wheel Fiat 'Eura Mobil' motorhome

This magnificent 6-wheeler was spotted at our storage yard. We simply had to add it to this gallery.

It’s a 2002 Fiat ‘Eura Mobil’ (according to the sticker near the back of the vehicle). And what a vehicle it is! Fantastic condition all round and those alloy wheels finish it off lovely.

This superb motorhome looks set for some serious road tripping or even fulltime vanlife. We love it.

ESTIMATED VALUE: a 2002 model like this one in top condition and with a good service history would demand a price of around £20,000.

Chevy G30

Chevy G30 RV

American RVs don’t only come in A-class models! This C-class Chevy G30 was spotted in Rendlesham Forest. What a beast of a van! She looks to be in immaculate condition and we love that eagle decal on the front.

We’re not even sure if this RV qualifies for our gallery (is she 20 years old?) as we don’t understand U.S. licence plates. She looks very much like the 1980s G30 models. Whatever, she had to go in our gallery!

If she’s your van or you know anything about these Chevrolet RVs, please get in touch.

ESTIMATED VALUE: some of these Chevy G30s can be found online for as little as £3000-£5000, though most at this price will need some repair work. The one here – in excellent condition – would set you back treble that amount, or even more. It looks magnificent!

See more Chevy G30 RVs

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3 epic road trips in the UK: image of Winnat's Pass in the Peak District
Original Image: Grant Ritchie


So far we’ve looked at A and C-class motorhomes and B-class camper/panel vans. But what if you want something smaller?

If you’re on your own or there’s just the two of you, a smaller van like the ones in this section could be a good option. And they will probably cost a lot less to buy, run and service.

Let’s look at some smaller campers, starting with just about the smallest one you can get…

Bedford Rascal

Bedford Rascal campervan

On one of our many trips to Bawdsey in Suffolk, we spotted this lovely little Bedford Rascal. And what unique styling she has! We had a lovely chat with Adam and Sharon, the owners, who had come all the way from Kent. They told us the van had originally been beige in colour. Now it looks fab as a mini Tudor house on wheels.

When Adam and Sharon are not on the road participating in historical re-enactments, the van doubles up as a farm-hand, shifting stuff about on Sharon’s daughter’s farm. There’s more room in these little Rascal’s than you’d think. Indeed, Adam describes it as a Tardis.

ESTIMATED VALUE: if you’re looking for one of these micro-campers set aside £2,500 to £5000 depending on age, mileage, service history and, of course, condition.

Chevy ‘Astro’ Day Van

vintage vans and motorhomes: Chevy van

We’ve walked past this several times in our home town and always admired it. We thought it was about time we took a pic and added it to this gallery. It’s a 1994 Chevy Astro Day Van – and what a fabulous model it is.

It’s not a big van but would make for a great road trip. Do the seats fold down to make a bed, we wondered? Perhaps you can let us know. The styling is unmistakably American – it’s left hand drive – and we love the colour. And look at those fantastic wheels! Beautiful.

ESTIMATED VALUE: in condition like this – and with those amazing wheels – you’d have to hand over at least 10 grand. This is proper retro road-tripping!

Fiat ‘Nu Venture Rio’

Fiat mini campervan

This ‘micro camper’ is called a ‘Nu Venture Rio’, made by Fiat. Easy to park, and fairly economical, these little campers are great if you’re on your own or are a petite couple.

Looks like it might just be high enough to stand up in, and is that an over-cab sleeping area for one? If she’s your van or you know anything about these Fiats, let us know!

ESTIMATED VALUE: Despite its size, good models from the late 90s and early 2000s can fetch anything from 10 to 15K, if not more.

Citroen ‘Romahome’

Citroen High Top Romahome campervan

Like the Fiat above, this Citroen ‘Romahome’ has a ‘high-top’, which means it’s just about tall enough to stand up in. These are great little campers if you don’t want to drive around in a bus-sized vehicle and are perfect for a couple or lone traveller.

This is an N reg (1995/96) model and looks to be in pretty good nick.

ESTIMATED VALUE: expect to pay around £5,000 to £6000 for good examples of this age. Newer ones fetch up to 15K, like the Fiats above.

Renault Trafic Campervan

Renault Trafic campervan at Ipswich

If the little ‘Romahomes’ are a bit too small, how about a Renault Trafic? We spotted this beauty at Asda in Ipswich. We’ve heard really good things about these Renaults. What’s your opinion? Have you (or do you) own a Renault from this era?

This campervan is R reg (1997), is in really good condition and looks well looked after. She has the name ‘Poppy’ written in bright red on the back. If she’s your van please tell us more about her!

ESTIMATED VALUE: a mid to late 90s Trafic like this one would be worth around £6000 to £7000 in tip top condition and good service history.

Talbot Express Rambler

Talbot Express campervan

Gav has always loved these vans and this one was also spotted at Asda in Ipswich. These Talbots are either 2 or 4 berth (we’re not sure what this one is. If it’s your van can you let us know and tell us a bit more?)

It’s J reg, making it a 1991/92 model and it looks in really nice condition for the year.

ESTIMATED VALUE: depending on age and condition, expect to pay £2,500 to £7,500 for one of these Talbot Express Ramblers. Some are as tatty as hell. Most have been cherished for years. They’re the ones to look for.

Ford Transit Autosleeper Campervan

Ford Transit campervan seen at Woolpit car boot sale, Suffolk

If you’re looking for something smallish and cheap to run and repair, consider a Ford Transit camper like this one. These Transits sleep 2 and although the bodywork is rough around the edges on this example (one of the things to look out for on Fords) the engines are reliable and easy to get spare parts for.

This is an M-reg (1994) model which we spotted in Suffolk at Woolpit car boot sale.

ESTIMATED VALUE: In excellent condition you can pay up to 7-8K for a Transit of this age. But one that needs a little TLC can be picked up for around half that price, or even less.

Mazda Bongo

mazda bongo campervan

If you want something more compact, these little Mazda Bongo’s are a good option. After a walk round a very wet Redgrave and Lopham Fen, Gav spotted this one and got speaking with owner, Zeb who told us he’d had this late 90s Bongo for 6 1/2 years.

Hard to believe but these Bongo’s have a ‘pop-top’ roof (like many of the VW campervans) which gives enough space for the kids to sleep. Zeb fitted the chrome wheel arch covers to hide a small amount of rust – quite common on these Mazdas.

We think it’s a nice finishing touch and makes this small campervan look even more cool!

ESTIMATED VALUE: You’ll always find several of these Mazda Bongos on Autotrader. Expect to pay anything from 5 to 10K for a mid to late 90s/early 2000s model. They seem to hold their price well.

Toyota Granvia

Toyota Granvia campervan

Like the Mazda Bongo, above, these little Toyotas are excellent for solo travellers (or petite couples). Parking is easy compared to the big motorhomes and there’s no need to worry about height barriers either!

These Granvias are slightly bigger than the Bongos and have become popular as an alternative to the VWs for campervan conversions. Indeed, these little vans are actually rather Tardis-like; there’s everything inside that you could possibly need (apart from a loo).

This is a T reg (1998) model and is 4-wheel-drive.

ESTIMATED VALUE: these Toyotas are sought-after little campers and in good condition they sell for in excess of £10,000.

Not ready to buy your own van just yet? Test out van life by renting a motorhome. But read our top tips first!

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Mercedes Vito Campervan

vintage vans and motorhomes: a Mercedes Vito campervan

Mercedes got in on the small camper act with their ‘Vito’ vans. And what a lovely little van she is. Spotted on a stroll along the seafront at Felixstowe, this is an S-reg model (1998) and is in reasonable condition.

These little Mercs have a pop-up roof so you can stand up and do your cooking. You can also sleep up in the roof. And with a ‘rock and roll’ bed in the main living space, these compact campers sleep 4. You’d never think it!

We love the wheels and noticed an ‘Adventure Before Dementia’ sticker on the back.

ESTIMATED VALUE: Expect to pay £10,000 for good, later models. Early rough ones can be snapped up for half that, or less.

LDV Pilot Campervan

vintage vans and motorhomes: LDV Pilot campervan

We looked at a few LDV vans above in our B-class section. We wanted to put this one in here as it shows just how cute these little ‘Pilot’ campervans are. This is a P reg, making her a 1996/97 model, and she looks to be in superb condition. We love the little window in the raised roof.

ESTIMATED VALUE: you can pick these little beauties up for around £2,500 – £5,000, depending on mileage and overall condition. This is a lovely model so you’d expect to pay the top end of the estimate.

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VW T4 long wheel base campervan


In this section we’ll look at some ‘alternative’ campervan/RV options, other than the A, B, and C-class vehicles.

If you’re looking for something more robust you might like to think about an off-road/overland vehicle.

Or how about converting an old American school bus?

Let’s take a look at some of the more quirky RVs you might like to consider…

Dodge-Renault 50

vintage Dodge-Renault RV

On a recent trip to Walsingham in Norfolk, we stopped off at Swaffham and couldn’t believe our luck! Gav soon got chatting with owner John, a full time van-lifer who had kitted out this 1993 Dodge 50 himself.

This old workhorse (check out those tyres!) has a 4 litre engine and averages 18 miles per gallon. We love the Road-Runner decal on the door!

As John always wild camps, we asked about whether he ever gets any hassle from authorities – police and council ‘officials’. John replied that he’s never had any trouble at all and never even been asked to move on! Well, who would mess with a van like that?! After a night or two somewhere, he always moves on to a new location – the eternal nomad. Good on you, John!

ESTIMATED VALUE: It’s tough to value something as rare as this. It’s a little impractical and costly to run. And where would you get spares? That said, if you were ever lucky enough to find a good one you’d probably have to part with £3000 to £5000.

Find out more about classic Dodge-Renault 50 vans

Mercedes LA 911B Overland Truck

Mercedes LA911B overland truck

And this is even rarer!

One of our subscribers sent us this picture of his Mercedes LA 911B overland truck. An old M reg. plate makes this a 1974 model. We can’t say much about it other than it looks like it could take on the world! These old Mercs seem to run forever.

Find out more and see more pics of these 911B’s here and here.

ESTIMATED VALUE: we have no idea what such a rare vehicle would cost! Safe to say that there aren’t many left, especially here in the UK. Best to get on the Mercedes forums for expert advice if you’re thinking of buying anything like this.

Mercedes Unimog

This Mercedes Unimog is built for proper off-roading. Used for military purposes, these trucks make for a great conversion project. But you’ll need big money for an old base model then pay more for it to be converted.

That being said, if off-roading and proper wild-camping is on your agenda, then a Mercedes Unimog (or something similar) might be the way to go.

Take a look at this epic unimog conversion to see what one of these looks like on the inside.

ESTIMATED VALUE: base older models can be bought for around 15K. Then you need to build the conversion which could double that, so you’re looking at £30,000 for one that’s ready to hit the road. Best to check out the prices of Unimogs here.

Mercedes 508D

Mercedes 508D vintage campervan

Another Mercedes, this time a 1980 508D ‘Dudo Breitmaul’ campervan/bus. We weren’t sure where to place this one. Is it an A-class motorhome? Probably. Or is it a panel van/Class-B conversion? Indeed, many of these Mercs were used as mini-buses, ambulances (‘krankenwagens’) or delivery vans in Germany in the 70s and 80s.

Whoever did the conversion, they made a great job of it. This vintage van looks lovely.

It’s a left-hand drive (as you can see in the picture), and the owner told us it has 198,000 km (about 120,000 miles) on the clock.

ESTIMATED VALUE: this is a true classic and because of that you can expect to pay big money for one of these. Even rough ones demand £10,000. Done up nicely and ready to go, you’re looking at 20 to 25K.

Toyota Seabreeze

1989 Toyota Seabreeze RV

And what category does this go in? We were on a short road trip around the North Norfolk Coast when we spotted the roof of this showing above the reeds at Cley-next-the-Sea. We had to go investigate…Turns out to be a left-hand drive 1989 (G reg) Toyota Seabreeze. You don’t see many of these in the UK.

There was a hand-written ‘For Sale’ sign in the window but the phone number was so faded we couldn’t read it. The van looks great in the pic but up close (like most old vans) you’ll see a few dents, scratches and rust patches, not to mention hidden potential problems inside.

ESTIMATED VALUE: you’d probably be able to buy one of these (in this condition) for around £3000 to £4000. Add another couple of thousand for ones in better condition (if there are any left!)

Take a look inside these 22ft Toyotas

American School Bus Conversions

old U.S. Red Cross medical bus
old U.S. school bus conversion

These two pictures were taken at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk and Liverpool’s Albert Docks, respectively. Both are American buses, the second a classic old ‘skoolio’. This one is being used as a diner but they make great vans to convert for full time RV living.

ESTIMATED VALUE: so, how much would you have to shell out for such a vehicle? Take a look on the website for some examples and prices.

We hope you’ve found this page useful and that it’s given you some idea about the type of van you’re interested in as well as the amount of cash you’ll need to spend.

If it’s classic Volkswagens you’re looking for remember to check out our VW galleries:

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The T4 Eurovan/Transporter

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