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During the pandemic, physical and mental wellbeing became the number one issue. It made us realise the vital importance of certain activities that foster good mental health. Using hypnosis is one of them.

As a qualified hypnotherapist with twenty years’ experience, Hobo Gav knows only too well the benefits of using hypnosis. It actually cured him of a ten year problem after just two sessions! This is something he talks about on his hypnotherapy site.

On this page is a list of what we think are the best van life and travel-related hypnosis downloads.

You see, van life is no different to any other kind of life; it has its ups and downs and sometimes us van-lifers just need a little help to get us back on the right track again. Hypnosis downloads can quickly do that for you.

Click each link for more info and prepare for positive changes to your van life mental wellbeing.

As we’re honest folk, we’ll say upfront that as affiliates of Uncommon Knowledge we’ll receive a small commission if you make a purchase via any of these links, for which we are truly grateful. Our full Affiliate Product Disclosure Document can be read here.

Hypnosis download #1 – meet your basic human needs

We say more about the importance of meeting emotional needs here. The thing is that meeting these basic human needs is not always easy on the road but it is vital for your mental health and wellbeing…

This download will not only give you insights into these emotional needs but it will help you develop a strategy to meet these needs in creative, healthy ways and in so doing maintain emotional balance. This will undoubtedly help you to take a positive psychology with you on your van life road trips and adventures!

Hypnosis download #2 – overcome travel stress and enjoy every journey

We’ve all been there…

You’re heading off for what should be a relaxing holiday but your stress levels are going through the roof! Too much to organise and think about, you can end up feeling overwhelmed even before you’ve left.

We give some tips here about road trip planning but this download can take things to another level. You see, we need to get your unconscious mind on your side. This is what this hypnosis download will do – program your mind to deal with the stresses and enjoy every journey.

Hypnosis download #3 – overcome travel sickness

Gav remembers successfully treating a client many years ago with travel sickness. It must be a terrible affliction if you’re a van-lifer!

Hopefully you don’t have any such problems, but what about the kids on a long road trip? How do they cope with being in the back of the motorhome?

This hypnosis download will address possible unconscious causes for travel sickness, dizziness and vertigo to help you enjoy your adventures much more comfortably.

Hypnosis download #4 – how to overcome fear of travel

With the recent good news about a coronavirus vaccine it seems certain that we’ll all be able to hit the road again soon.

Trouble is, Covid-19 has increased people’s fears about travelling. We’re all a bit more wary of things as the ‘survival brain’ takes centre stage, ramping up anxiety levels in order to stop you going somewhere it thinks might be dangerous.

This download will address that, helping you calm those fears, think more rationally about things and enjoy your travels, no matter where you’re headed to.

Hypnosis download #5 – stop being a nervous passenger

This is an interesting one! If nerves get the better of you on the road it can put everyone on edge, spoiling what should be a magical adventure.

Whether you’re in the front passenger seat or somewhere in the back of the motorhome, nervousness will obscure the beauty all around you. In effect, you’ll be entranced by your anxiety, stopping you from actually seeing the world out there.

This download will help you calm down so that you can enjoy the journey as well as increase your sense of trust in the driver of your motorhome (as well as more trusting of other drivers on the road).

It’s particularly helpful if you’re hiring a motorhome for the first time and having to travel in a far larger vehicle than what you’re used to.

Hypnosis download #6 – get out and see the world

This download sums up what van life is really all about – getting out there and seeing a bit of the world before it’s too late!

Travelling really is good for the soul. It opens your eyes to new ways of seeing and wonderful new experiences.

This download will prepare you to hit the road running when the covid-19 situation is finally overcome.

Hypnosis download #7 – sleep well away from home

It’s not always easy to sleep well in a campervan or motorhome, especially if you’re wild camping or the rain is bucketing down!

No matter how comfy that bed is, sometimes you just can’t sleep properly when you’re on the road.

But this download can start sorting that out, programming your mind with an expectation that you will be able to sleep well, wherever you are.

Hypnosis download #8 – expand your horizons and welcome new possibilities

A healthy brain is one that is active, learning new things and open to new possibilities. Travelling in your RV or campervan is one way of achieving the need to keep learning.

Indeed, van life itself will certainly test you at times! There’ll be challenges along the way, for sure, and this download will create a positive mindset so that you even welcome such challenges!

It’s all part of your evolution.

Hypnosis download #9 – get into vacation mode early

If you find it always takes a while to properly unwind, you could be half way through your holiday before you really start to enjoy it. But that is time lost that you’ll never get back.

This hypnosis download will get you into the holiday spirit even before leaving home so you can enjoy it right from the off. In so doing, you won’t miss a thing, making it a more enjoyable vacation for yourself and your fellow travellers.

Hypnosis download #10 – how to overcome homesickness

It’s not always easy being away from home for extended periods. If your road trips last a few weeks or even months – or if you’re a full-time van-lifer living away from the people you love – homesickness can occur all too often.

The thing is that we all have an inherent need to belong somewhere, a place we call home. This download will help you to relax and unwind when you’re away from home, so that you lose those old negative feelings of loss and sadness when you’re away from familiar territory.

Hundreds more hypnosis downloads to choose from!

Used in the right way, hypnosis can be the game changer for your mental health and wellbeing, helping you live van life to the full.

If you’ve not seen exactly what you’re looking for on this page just remember there are hundreds of other hypnosis downloads to choose from. It really is well worth exploring the whole site!

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Hypnosis is becoming more widely accepted in the medical and therapeutic community but many misconceptions about it still remain. Gav helps to break down some of the myths about hypnosis here.

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