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Looking for the latest motorhome news? Each month we collate the best van life stories from the UK and overseas and put them all in one place for you.

The news stories listed on this page cover a range of RV related topics from: road tripping, general van life news, RV reviews (mostly of older vans), campervan conversions, and lots more. And they are all arranged chronologically, with the most recent at the top.

Put the kettle on, sit back, and immerse yourself in the best vanlife stories and motorhome news…


Motorhome News – May 2023

Let’s start this month with two stories of crazy motorhome driving: Brits gets motorhome stuck down narrow Spanish street (you won’t believe this!) and drunk driver flips over her new motorhome. What a fool.

Over in the States, two families share their experiences about how to vanlife with kids. They talk about how they cope with life on the road, co-habiting in a tiny space (compared to a bricks and mortar house). It’s a nice article with some great pictures of their RVs.

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And it’s not just families doing the vanlife; Sophie Roberts is a solo female vanlifer who has taken her VW van all the way from Scotland to the Alps. It makes for inspirational reading.

Back in the U.S., this vanlifer says she’s saved $70,000 in the last 3 years since she left her apartment in Washington and will never go back to living in a house.

And here in the UK, the Reader’s Digest features poet and non-fiction writer, Nancy Campbell, who tells us why she’s taken to living in a caravan to beat the Cost of Living crisis. A lovely article.

But living in a van doesn’t always mean you’ll keep your costs down. This chap got landed with a £2000 fine when he drove his motorhome into London’s low emissions zone. Oh dear!

Motorhome News – April 2023

Let’s start off this month’s news round-up with a great story from Denver, Colorado. Kelsey and Luke tell us about their adventures in a mini school bus and why vanlife is becoming more mainstream since the pandemic.

Closer to home, there’s not a week go by without some newspaper reporting on a young couple who have quit living in a house and started fulltime vanlife. But there are conflicting stories. Read these two…

I live in a van after getting fed up with 9-to-5 life and paying rent – now I spend hardly a penny | The Scottish Sun

I’ve lived in a camper conversion for two years and it costs way more than you think | The Sun

We guess it all comes down to being savvy and frugal. If you live fulltime in your camper you don’t want to stay on expensive campsites every night. This couple are travelling the world living on 80p meals. It can be done!

But it’s not only young couples. This family of 5 from Shropshire are off on a 3 year adventure in a converted old motorhome. This is a nice article with some great pictures of their van.

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Talking of conversions, check out this amazing purple school bus. It cost Franko, a musician from New Zealand, £51,000 to do all the work. There’s a great video that tells his story about the bus and the community project he’s created.

Motorhome News – March 2023

VW T3s are having a bad time of it this week. See these 2 stories: VW campervan on its side after accident and campervan boxed in by builders. What were they thinking?

Luckily, this 1986 VW Vanagon (the U.S. name for the T3/T25) is still in use and what a van it is! It looks more like a mini log cabin. Nice video as well. What a lovely couple. (Not sure about eating squirrels though!)

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Staying with classic vans, this 1969 Chevy G20 campervan looks awesome inside and out. As we keep saying, there are some great looking, older motorhomes and campers out there.

Have you seen the TV show Motorhoming with Merton and Webster? In this article, comedian Paul Merton and his wife Suki tell us why everyone should consider a motorhome staycation.

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motorhome rental: what you need to know before you hire an RV

Good news if you’re planning on visiting Wales in your motorhome this year: in various locations throughout the country a new ‘Aires-type’ scheme is being trialled to help curb illegal overnight camping. We’re finally catching up with our European neighbours!

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Finally this month, would you like to take a tour of the whiskey distilleries in Scotland? This article highlights the best distilleries to visit on a road trip in your campervan.

Motorhome News – February 2023

Motorhome scams are on the rise. Want to know which is the most scammed vehicle? See this article.

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This burnt out nurse quit her job and now travels the world in a VW van helping orphaned street animals.

This nice little story from the US tells us how a vanlife road trip can have a positive affect on your mental health.

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A lovely article here, where a digital nomad shares her ‘unfiltered realities of vanlife’ criss-crossing the US in her Ford Transit before moving to the UK. A nice read.

Back in the UK and in Scotland this motorhomer explains why banning overnight motorhome parking in East Lothian is a bad idea. We have to agree with her.

On the Isle of Wight, this motorhome became a target for arsonists. Look what a mess they made! Is this more evidence that motorhomers are now public enemy number one? Is there really a ‘vanlife vendetta‘ as we suspected in our blog post a few months back?

And finally this month, a lovely article with hints and tips about getting started in van life. And not an advert in sight – just how we like it.

Motorhome News – January 2023

This research study found out that the main reason people join vanlife is for the freedom it brings. What do you think? It’s a good article though there are plenty of ads to ignore!

As the cost of living crisis deepens, even us van-lifers are feeling the pinch. This BBC story reports the rising costs for people who are fulltime van dwellers in Bristol, including one young chap who lives in a converted Luton van.

In the U.S. this couple are also on a tight budget, and they tell the story of how they kitted out their Chevy Express for less than $1000. It also includes a nice little video of the conversion they did.

Interested in van conversion? See this brill time lapse video of an old school bus transformed into a cosy home on wheels.

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In the north of England (like just about everywhere else) motorhomes are targets for thieves. So it’s nice to hear a story of them getting caught. Thumbs up to the Northumbrian Police for catching the motorhome crims in this article.

And this article from the Guardian tells the story of wild-campers protesting against the proposed ban on Dartmoor. Although it’s about wild camping in a tent, any ban might have implications for us motorhomers.

Motorhome News – December 2022

Milly Struthers is a young vanlife blogger based in Brighton, UK and she gives some good tips for vanlife newbies when she asks, ‘Where will you sleep?’

Love your old VW campervans? Check out this brilliant article that reviews a classic 1974 Type 2 VW Transporter.

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Going even further back in time, how about this 1957 Buick Roadmaster RV? What a barn find this is!

Staying in the USA, this fab article tells the story of a Rocky Mountain road trip and includes some stunning photography. Well worth a read.

If you love watching You Tube you’ll love this: vanlifers who have reached 1 million subscribers! This is a really great piece, giving insights into vanlifers’ stories and includes short videos.

Back in the UK and a stark reminder of the dangers to look out for when buying a used campervan. This ‘dodgy dealer’ sold a vehicle whose wheels could have fallen off at any minute!

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And what would you do as a side hustle to earn extra cash? This raunchy 27 year old does it like this!

Perhaps there are other ways to earn money from your RV without having to take your clothes off?

how to run an online business from your RV

Motorhome News – November 2022

Think it’s too tough to live and work in an RV? This female travel writer has done just that for 30 years! And she points out 6 of the most vital things you need to know about van life.

As hobos we like to live frugally so we love these 6 different stories of vanlife on a budget. Just goes to show you don’t need megabucks to find a van and hit the freedom trail.

In Montana, high rents have forced folks out of their rented homes and into van life. This article highlights the financial benefits of living from an RV compared to the rising costs of rents and mortgages.

Could you live in a tiny VW T3 if you were over 6 feet tall? That’s what this photographer does and he’s been doing it for years! He’s not the only one…

Storm Roberts (no relation to us) runs her ‘adventure athlete’ business from her VW van. Find out more and take a look inside her van.

As van-lifers, we’ve all found out how much harder it is to park these days; councils have clamped down by introducing stricter parking rules. But this YouTuber carried out an overnight parking experiment. Did he get away with it? Find out here.

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