Motorhome Meditations

During times of uncertainty most of us try to cling to something resembling normality. But the COVID-19 pandemic has truly turned the world upside down.

Motorhomes, campervans and RVs have been sitting idle in driveways all over the world for much of 2020.

In April, us Hobos spoke of the withdrawal effects of the lockdown and how much we had been missing our van and being out on the road.

The need for adventure – programmed into our DNA – has certainly been unmet.

Already, two trips this year have been cancelled: a long weekend in Liverpool and our customary Spring break in the Welsh mountains.

However, time has not been wasted…

The lockdown has given us the opportunity to rediscover the benefits of something we used to practise regularly years ago – meditation.

Done well, meditation can make a huge difference to your physical, mental and spiritual health as we all continue to negotiate our way through the after-effects of the pandemic.

This page – Motorhome Meditations – aims to bring some calm to the storm of these stranger-than-fiction days as we look toward life after lockdown.

Prayer flags at Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery in Dumfries, Scotland

The merging of two passions

What we’re doing here is bringing together our two main passions in life…

1) Our love of van life, travel and adventure…

2) Our love of personal development and psycho-spiritual evolution.

So let’s look at how meditation can help you. And below, we’ll introduce you to our meditation of the month.

Let’s get started…

Motorhome meditations and post traumatic growth

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding some of our ‘One Minute Meditation’ videos to this site, moments that we’ve captured on film that help us to feel more centred, grounded and present, free from worrying narratives.

But right now – and with Gav being a hypnotherapist and mind-coach – you’ll notice in the sidebar (or below if you’re reading this on mobile) a ‘Meditation of the Month’ that you can purchase and download.

All of the downloads we put up on here are by Uncommon Knowledge and will be related to well-being and travel in some way. We’ve tried several of these downloads ourselves and Gav has been an affiliate with the company for many years.

The thing is that many of us will have been traumatized by COVID-19, the effects of which could last a very long time without the right help. But we feel that this ‘disruption to normal services’ is a wonderful opportunity for change.

See, not everyone suffers post-traumatic stress. Others experience post traumatic growth.

Look at the earth herself, able to breathe again during this hiatus in air pollution. The picture below shows the Himalayas, visible for the first time in almost 30 years from the Northern Indian state of Punjab.

The difference that makes the difference

So, what is it that makes the difference? How come some people fall asunder and others rise to the challenge, no matter the size of the monster in front of them, like David facing Goliath?

We believe a calmer, more focused, mind-set plays a vital role in learning how to cope – and even thrive – amidst the chaos.

As the great German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche reminded us…

I tell you, one must have chaos in one’s life in order to give birth to a dancing star.

We need chaos. We need disruption. This is how we’ve adapted, learned, and evolved as a species. We are problem-solving creatures.

But we also need a way to put things back into some kind of order. This is what meditation can do.

Meditations on the ordinary…and extraordinary

Meditation is something we’ve practised on and off for years. Gav recalls the days of being a member of the White Eagle Lodge and even before that, being taught meditation techniques by a visiting Zen Master.

What we try to do each day is to bring a ‘meditative’ mind-set to every-day encounters – the ordinary, or in the current climate, extraordinary situations in life. This is usually referred to as mindfulness or a sense of presence.

Living in a more ‘mindful’ way seems to help negotiate these times of uncertainty as you remain open and more aware of what life is trying to teach you.

Indeed, there is ample scientific evidence of the ways in which meditation and mindfulness lowers stress levels, aids relaxation, improves sleep and boosts the immune system – benefits we could all do with right now!

Surrendering to what is

Mindful meditation means that you stop battling with life and surrender to what is. This idea is a cornerstone to what the Buddha taught 2,500 years ago. And this is something we’ve always attempted to bring to our van life journeys…

Getting lost means life itself – or our van – wants us to experience something different.

Same with taking the ‘wrong’ road. There’s something new we need to encounter; the one and only meeting with a particular stranger who you’ll never see again but who might have an interesting story to tell or wisdom to share.

Using a satnav robs you of serrendipitous moments such as this. That’s why we don’t have one.

Maybe there’s something to unearth or discover by getting ‘lost’? Or someone that needs your help?

A break-down becomes an opportunity to pause and reflect. A problem with the van is a chance to feel stretched and learn something new.

With this attitude, there is no wrong turn. There is no getting lost. There is no running late. Everything simply is as it is.

Motorhome meditations: a Buddha figure on a pond at a Tibetan Monastery in Scotland visited on one of our road trips

Meditations to meet emotional needs

We mentioned above about the need for adventure and how this seems to be built into our DNA. The lockdown has thwarted this need.

But accepting the situation without fighting it opens the mind enough to see that COVID-19 might actually be helping us to meet other important emotional needs, such as…

Taking time out…

What this virus situation has gifted most of us (unless you’re on the frontline) is the need for time alone and quiet reflection. It is something we should continue to take with us now that lockdown is being lifted.

Spiritual journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sites feed our souls. They put us in a more reflective, mindful space.

In such places, ancient wisdom is gathered up into the present, bringing it alive once more. It’s almost as if it has been waiting for us to become more intuitive, more able to connect to the perennial philosophy.

COVID-19 has brought us back to core values.

Freedom of a different kind

So, looking back, the virus can be viewed as a double-edged sword; if we were fortunate enough to stay well it gave us, on the one hand, the time to reflect, time to prioritize, time to create (and re-create). But on the other, it took away our need to roam and expand our horizons.

However, the freedom it brought was of a different sort – an inner freedom that comes from quiet reflection and meditation. An opportunity for a kind of life-appraisal or to simply just BE.

This is what meditation can do. You become the master of your own mind. Through guided imagery used in each month’s meditations you’ll not only deal with any on-going psychological effects of coronavirus, but also gain benefits for when life truly returns to normal.

For this reason alone, motorhome meditations is something we’ll continue with, long after the lockdown has been fully lifted.

Perhaps that’s the whole point of it?

Meditation is not just for helping us deal with stress and turmoil, but to ultimately aid what might be our most important journeys through life – the journey home to our True Selves, and the journey that connects us to a bigger reality, call it God, Nature, Great Spirit, the Tao, or however you refer to it.

Meditation of the month

So, with the world re-opening it’s time to venture forth! But it might not be as easy as that…

Even though this summer has seen the re-opening of campsites in the UK, we need to be mentally prepared going forward after the stresses of the last few months.

So, to get you focused and emotionally ready, this month we’ve got a hypnotic meditation to help you orientate yourself for adventure after lockdown.

Download ‘Get Out and See the World‘ and step into freedom once more!

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