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PAGE UPDATED: 08.02.2023

We’ve called this section of our shop ‘RV Extras’ and it’s a bit like an auto-jumble: you never quite know what you’re going to find.

From bike racks to traction mats, security devices to road trip journals, this section might throw up some pleasant surprises for you.

And we’ve even got a few things to keep the kids amused.

RV Extras #1: bike racks for motorhomes

We have a Fiamma bike rack on the back of our motorhome. The old rack that was on the van when we bought it back in 2017 had to be replaced – and hadn’t been fitted properly anyway! (According to a trusted and knowledgeable friend, it could have fallen off at any minute!)

This one is easy to use whilst providing a sturdy method of transporting our two cycles. It also looks good decorated at Christmas (yes, we put tinsel over it!)

Even though it’s only rated 3.5 stars on Amazon, we’d score it higher. It’s very strong, has good clasps to secure the bikes and after 3 years of regular use, we’ve had no issues with it.

We’ve also included some bungee cords here. The bike rack on its own is sufficient to hold the bikes but the added security of a bungee is always reassuring. Bungees are also great for tying stuff to other stuff – the uses are innumerable. We even use them to make our over-cab bed ladder safer to clamber up and down.

RV Extras #2: thermal blinds for campervans and motorhomes

There’s something magical about blinds – they can turn an ordinary van into a cosy and private space.

Of course, most campervans and motorhomes already have blinds or curtains but these thermal ones do something extra: they keep out some of the cold on chilly evenings and on really hot days they will deflect the heat back outside. That’s pretty clever isn’t it!

We were a little dubious about buying a set of these but they really do make a difference. We’ve put up three sets here, depending on your model of van, though they seem to be pretty universal. (The Maypole MP6609 Thermal Blinds fit our VW T4 just right).

RV Extras #3: black out material

If you go wild camping or you want to make your van a bit more stealth-like, this black out material can stop prying eyes looking inside your van. For sure, you can roll the blinds down but it looks so obvious from the outside that someone is sleeping in the van.

We rigged up a curtain that separates the cab from the hab area so we can leave our cab curtains open, making it look less obvious that we’re in the van. Not only that, but the thickness of the material stops any light in the van showing outside and, because it’s thermal, it keeps a little heat in too.

RV Extras #4: motorhome security – inside and out

Motorhome security is always a big issue and the items here should make any would-be thief stop and pause. And in that moment of hesitation, they will most likely move on to another poor victim rather than risk triggering the alarm.

We always lock one of the wheels (and the steering) even when parked at our storage yard! Perhaps this is being overcautious but we love our van and don’t want anyone taking off with her. You’re probably the same.

Here we’ve got a German-made wheel clamp, a steering lock, dummy stickers to put off would-be thieves, and two ideas for keeping your valuables safe and hidden.

RV Extras #5: motorhome safety

These next two products could be classed as ‘safety items’. The rechargeable wardrobe strip light has a motion sensor that lights up when it detects someone moving in the dark.

Rather than in the wardrobe though, we stuck a strip of these lights in the hab area, tucked under the bottom of the overhead cupboards. They provide a warm, cosy glow come evening and they’re handy for visits to the loo at night (if you don’t want to put the main lights on).

And the non-slip grip matting has saved many an accident in our van. We use a strip of it under a rug and smaller pieces on shelves, preventing items sliding up, down and worse…OUT of cupboard doors, crashing onto someone’s head!

RV Extras #6: a quick fix for your motorhome exhaust

When your beloved motorhome is acting up and letting the whole world know of her whereabouts by sounding like a Sherman Tank, fix her holey exhaust with Holt’s Gungum.

Up and down the Scottish Highlands we went – and everyone knew about it!

Suitable for small and medium sized holes, this stuff saved our van from MOT failure last year, as well as saving us loads of money on a whole new exhaust system.

RV Extra #7: traction mats to get you off slippery ground

Then there was the issue of getting off a sodden campsite in Derbyshire. Sliding about all over the place we were! It had rained both days we were there and the ground was saturated.

Gav then remembered we had these ‘non-slip traction mats‘ and they worked like magic. (We were lucky enough to find this exact set at a car boot sale for £2. Bargain!)

RV Extras #8: blind spot mirrors

Here’s a great driving aid, especially for motorway driving…

These little blind spot mirrors are simple to apply – just stick them onto your mirrors – and you’ll be able to see what’s coming up beside you.

We’ve had ours over a year now and at less than a fiver, they’ve really helped us feel safer when over-taking on motorways (which doesn’t happen very often in our old van, we’ll hasten to add!)

RV Extras #9: wide angle parking and reversing lens

When our van’s rear suspension was raised by a couple of inches we faced an unexpected problem: we could no longer see the road from the rear view mirror! Trucks and vans were okay – they’re high enough to see – but all cars and motorbikes were hidden from view.

So, we bought one of these wide angle ‘fresnal lenses’ and now we can see everything.

Simply stick onto the inside of the back window with water and suddenly driving becomes safer again. A brill product!

RV Extras #10: campervan porta potty

Not every motorhome comes with a toilet (especially some of the older, B-Class ones). And most campervans, such as the classic VWs and T4 Eurovans have to rely on these ‘porta potties’.

Luckily our van does have a loo but if it didn’t we’d have to use something like this. We just couldn’t be without a toilet these days!

RV Extras #11: motorhome decals and stickers

Adding some stickers and decals can make your motorhome stand out from the crowd. But it’s more than just aesthetics. The more unique your van looks, the less likely it’ll be stolen because it’s easily recognised (otherwise your RV will look just like every other RV on the road).

Of course, having a GPS tracking device can help if the worst does happen. But we reckon these decals make nice finishing touches to your home on wheels.

RV Extra #12: campervan canopy awning

We rig something up similar to this on our van; a durable polyester canopy that provides shelter from the rain and shade from the sun on those hot days.

If you’re staying on a campsite for a few days, a canopy awning like this doubles your living space. It’s ideal for campervans such as the VW T5s and T6s, as shown in the picture.

To note, to fix it properly to your van you’ll also need the awning rail to go with it.

RV Extra #13: winter motorhome cover

If you store your RV away over winter it might be an idea to keep it covered to protect it from the weather. (Obviously, if you rely on solar power to keep the battery charged, you won’t want to cover the roof!)

However, if your van doesn’t have solar, this Maypole 9423 Motorhome Cover will keep your RV snug all winter. It fits vans up to 6.5 metres in length and has 4.5 stars on Amazon.

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RV Extra #14: motorhome gifts for kids

What better way to get your kids into van life than buy giving them toy campervans and lego kits! And what about a motorhome colouring book for those long road trips?

Hobo Gav’s son, Isaac, still has this toy motorhome we gave him several years ago…

RV Extras #15: beautiful road trip journals

And finally in this section, what better way to record your epic road trips?

Make a note of your itinerary then keep a record of all the places you’ve been, the routes you’ve taken and the amazing drives you’ve done in these lovely notebook-journals.

The thing is that unless you keep a written record, you won’t remember everything. But getting the details of your adventures down on paper means you’ll safeguard your memories and have stories to share with your loved ones long into the future.

We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out our RV Extras!

Please remember to view our road trip essentials to make sure you’re ready for anything on your travels!

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