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PAGE UPDATED: 7.12.2021

The motorhome kitchen is arguably the most contentious aspect of van life but the right equipment can make all the difference.

Then the question of ‘Who’s cooking tonight?’ and ‘What about the washing up?’ are not such big issues!

See, the word “Motorhome” has a dividing line for us: Hobo Gav sees the word MOTOR whereas Trudi sees the word HOME.

In an uncharacteristic show of force, Trudi once stated that any more screwdrivers found in our van’s delightful little condiments rack would go out the back window!

So, on this page we’re going to look at several really useful and inexpensive kitchen items that can make a real difference when it comes to cooking, washing-up and everything else that goes on in the kitchen. And there’s not a screwdriver in sight!

The motorhome kitchen – safety first!

We mentioned this item on our road trip essentials page but don’t mind repeating ourselves here…

Let’s go SAFETY FIRST with this fire blanket, something that will be indispensable the day you use it.

Keep a fire blanket in the kitchen where it can be grabbed and used without hesitation – not tidied away somewhere!

It’s not the prettiest of wall hangings but then – burns are worse! It was one of the first items we ever bought for our van and luckily we’ve not had to use it. Fingers crossed!

Practical motorhome crockery

We have been gifted colourful items like these by friends and family members who love our van life adventures.

These items are not only practical but add a sense of fun to the motorhome kitchen area, raising a smile and reminding us that we are in our “special place”.

Cooking and washing up in a motorhome

Unless you’ve got one of those massive A-Class motorhomes, most van kitchens are pretty small, just big enough for one person. You’ll want to use space-saving devices and utensils and the neat little racks below take up hardly any room.

The motorhome kitchen also needs lightweight equipment which does the job properly.

Using brightly coloured kitchen items brings on more of a holiday mood – even when your evening in the hot tub turns out to be doing the dishes after the meal!

Space-saving pots and pans

There have been times when we’ve lugged around far too much stuff. But these days our philosophy is ‘less is more’. We like to create space, rather than fill it!

This is necessary in your kitchen too and these collapsible colanders and strainers will free up room in your cupboards.

The Camping Cookware Mess Kit shown here has great reviews and is very similar to the one we use in our van. Everything fits neatly inside the bigger pan, like Russian Dolls.

And if you’re fussy about your pots and pans you’ll want some Pan Protectors to avoid scratching the non-stick surfaces. They might also help stop rattling noises as you go along!

Motorhome kitchen storage

Extra shelving revolutionised our food storage cupboards! Every time we opened a cupboard door, the risk of being hit by falling tins was very real to anyone foolhardy enough to sit underneath.

These Shelf Organisers have a lip that stops things falling out when you open cupboard doors. Investing in these will tidy your kitchen cupboards but also help to prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency room!

Likewise, items rattling around in the fridge can lead to breakages and spills – not what a motorhome break is about!

We’ve included three different fridge organisers for you to choose from…

We hope you’ve found this section helpful and are enjoying equipping your campervan kitchen with some really useful gear.

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