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All vanlifers want their motorhome interior to feel like home. From comfy cushions to pictures and wall hangings, on this page we’ll show you how to make your van’s interior even more cosy and more personalised.

Just to say that if you are converting a van yourself and starting an interior from scratch, make sure you check out our campervan conversion page when you’ve finished here.

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Cosy cushions for your motorhome interior

The motorhome interior is called the habitation area, or ‘hab’ space for short. It is the heart of your van. It is where you’ll spend most of your time relaxing. Getting the ambience right takes a little bit of imagination.

The first thing we did was buy a few nice cushions which are always handy inside the van (or outside if you have an awning). Inevitably, one of the cushions we bought includes the slogan ‘home is where we park it‘. Seems like every van needs this somewhere!

motorhome cushions: home is where we park it

And one of Trudi’s work colleagues bought us a personalised cushion shortly after we got married.

Both of these cushions are excellent quality and will last for years.

You’ll find loads more cushions on Amazon, many of which you can add your name to. Adding a few nice cushions to your RVs interior is such a simple way to bring added comfort and a dash of colour to your van’s living space.

Catchy slogans and wall signs

The next thing we considered was putting our own stamp on the walls of the hab area – without going overboard.

Indeed, one of things we agreed on straight away was to keep our old 1992 VW van looking as original as possible. We didn’t want to gut it and start again like many people do.

So, to keep things simple (which is always our motto) we decided on little wall-hanging signs or plaques to grace our van’s interior. Again, like the cushions you can personalise some of these.

We especially like the sign that says, “Stress is caused by not enough time away in our motorhome” We couldn’t agree more!

motohome interior ideas: hanging wall sign 'stress is caused by not enough time away in our motorhome'

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Campervan and motorhome doormats

We love the great outdoors and will often stomp for miles in all weathers, especially in the mountains of Wales.

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Back at the van a good sturdy doormat comes in handy for those wet and muddy boots, otherwise you’re traipsing god-knows-what into your motorhome interior.

These mats, from the BRISA VW collection, are top quality (as you’d expect) and make for a striking entrance to your van. They are durable, robust, and manufactured under the official VW licence.

VW campervan dorrmat

If you don’t want a VW doormat, take a look at this selection of other designs. One of them might be perfect for your motorhome.

RV interior lighting

The right lighting inside your camper creates a nice ambience and can make your hab area feel warmer – even on colder nights.

We bought a couple of sets of stick-on-strip-lighting that run off AA batteries. We placed them under the overhead cupboards in the hab area and in the kitchen to provide more light to the food-prep area. They get a lot of use but the batteries last for ages. Each set cost less than a fiver so these are a real bargain.

See the full range of interior strip lighting

We reckon the guys at Dream Lighting have got it sussed. There’s a massive range of different lights to make your van all cosy on the inside.

Motorhome bedding

Many newer motorhomes have a fixed bed at the rear of the vehicle. You get up, pull your duvet back over the bed, and the job is done.

Our fixed bed is above the cab which is more designed for kids. It’s a bit of a faff getting up there. Other than that we have to turn our sofa into a bed each night. It only takes a few minutes and is all the more worthwhile when we see this lovely campervan duvet set looking back at us.

If a campervan is your final thought before drifting off to sleep, you’re sure to have some sweet dreams! And to ensure a good night’s sleep what better than a lovely bed-set of matching duvet and pillow cases.

Maybe get one set for the house and the other for the motorhome! Or gift them to someone who dreams of one day owning their own motorhome.

campervan and motorhome duvet sets

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More campervan interior design ideas

If you own a classic VW campervan and your habitation area needs more of an overhaul than cushions and cute wall signs, this amazing book – VW Camper Inspirational Interiors – will show you various bespoke ideas and designs to help you customise the inside of your van.

Be brave and be bold! Then add some cushions and wall signs for the finishing touch.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on the ‘hab’ area and that you’re creating a really cosy motorhome interior.

If you are designing the inside of your van from scratch make sure you check out our page on campervan conversion which has 3 great resources to help turn your vision into reality.

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