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PAGE UPDATED: 08.02.2023

Do you want to personalise your motorhome interior and make it feel more cosy? We’ve got some great ideas to help you do just that…

The motorhome interior is called the habitation area, or ‘hab’ space for short. It is the heart of a motorhome. It is where you’ll spend most of your time relaxing into what we call “van time”. There are no early morning alarms, no stress – just the feeling that time has stopped.

But it takes a little bit of effort to create the right ambiance. This is where having a few little comforts and personalised motorhome gifts can make the ‘hab’ space more cosy and inviting.

We’ll look at personalised cushions, wall signs, bedding, and an impressive book filled with campervan interior ideas.

Just to say that if you are converting a van yourself and starting an interior from scratch, make sure you check out our campervan conversion page when you’ve finished here.

Cosy cushions for the motorhome interior

Every “home” needs cosy, plumped-up cushions and we are very keen on emphasising the “home” in motorhome!

Several of these grace our old van – probably too many (!) – but they make wonderful, personalised gifts for RV owners.

Before Hobo Trudi quit her full time job to focus on the Motorhome Hobos, one of her colleagues bought us this first cushion (obviously with the name ‘Roberts’ on it!)

We’ve also got the ‘Home is where you park it’ cushion. Both are excellent quality and will last for years…

Catchy slogans and wall signs

Perfect gifts for the motorhome owner, these little wall-hanging signs or plaques can grace the motorhome interior or hang in the “bricks and mortar” house when you’re back home as a reminder of time spent on the road.

We especially like the sign that says, “Stress is caused by not enough time away in our motorhome.” We couldn’t agree more!

Campervan door mats

No matter what RV you drive, you want a door mat for the hab entrance.

These ones, from the BRISA VW collection are top quality (as you’d expect) and make for a striking entrance to your van.

Durable, robust, and manufactured under the official VW licence.

RV interior lighting

The right lighting inside your camper creates a nice ambience and can make your hab area feel warmer – even on colder nights!

We reckon the guys at Dream Lighting have got it sussed. There’s a massive range of different lights to make your van all cosy on the inside.

Motorhome bedding

Aren’t these gorgeous?! And if a campervan is your final thought before drifting off to sleep, you’re sure of some sweet dreams.

Maybe get one set for the house and the other for the motorhome! Or gift them to someone who dreams of driving their own camper.

Campervan interior design ideas…

If you own a classic VW campervan and your habitation area needs more of an overhaul than cushions and cute wall signs, VW Camper Inspirational Interiors will show you various bespoke ideas and designs to help you customise the inside of your van. Be brave and be bold!

Then come back for some cushions to add the finishing touches!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘hab’ area section and that you’re creating a really cosy interior space.

If you are designing the inside of your van from scratch make sure you check out our page on campervan conversion which has 2 great resources to help turn your vision into reality.

And for more great products head back to our main Motorhome Gifts and Accessories page.

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