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PAGE UPDATED: 08.02.2023

Want to be the coolest dudes on the campsite? Then take a look at these campervan and motorhome clothes…

We’ve got t-shirts for him and her, hoodies, hats and caps, thermals, and more.

We don’t know about you but if you’re anything like us, you’ll want the world to know you’re a van lifer!

Motorhome t-shirt: never underestimate an old man with a motorhome

Motorhome T-shirts for men

Hobo Gav loved it when he found a T-shirt with the words, “Never underestimate an old man with a motorhome.” He bought the German version for some reason and wears it with pride!

It reminds him of our adventures in the Harz Mountains in Germany with our friends.

Check out these great motorhome/campervan T-shirts to let the world know you’re a van-lifer…

Motorhome T-shirts for women

Hobo Trudi has the ‘Queen of the Motorhome’ T-shirt and agrees with the sentiment – so long as no-one forgets that status. (Drama Queen, anyway!)

Check out these great T’s and wear them with pride on your adventures…

Motorhome hoodies, hats, and caps

The hoodie below shows the evolution of mankind, culminating in van life, of course! It’s on our shopping list!

And keeping the sun out of your eyes when you are driving is not always an issue in the British Isles – but it does happen!

What better way than a vintage RV road trip cap to shield you from the dazzling glare! Cool as hell…

Motorhome thermals and sundries

Bringing home the dirty washing after a road trip will be so much sweeter in this cute laundry bag! And no-one will get muddled up as to what is clean and what is not.

And if you live in your van fulltime or continue touring during winter, these thermals will keep you nice and snug.

We’ve added socks to this section, including thermal socks for those cold winter nights.

Waterproofs and reflective clothing

Van life isn’t always blue skies and sunshine as most websites would have you believe!

Your motorhome clothing selection – especially if you live in the UK – should include some good waterproofs and reflective gear for inclement weather and for emergency situations.

We’ve sometimes been drenched through to the skin on our UK road trips, such as in Wales or Scotland. But not anymore!

These items all score 4+ and have great reviews…

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at our clothing section and are excited about getting kitted out, ready for all seasons!

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And if you’re just starting out in van life, make sure you take a look at our road trip essentials page before you hit the road.

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