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Want to be the coolest dudes on the campsite? In our motorhome clothing section below you’ll find t-shirts and hoodies for him and her, hats and caps, thermal underwear, and more.

We don’t know about you but if you’re anything like us you’ll want the world to know you’re a van lifer! The items on this page will help you state your case…

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Motorhome t-shirt: never underestimate an old man with a motorhome

Motorhome and van life T-shirts

When the sun is out what better way to tell the world you’re a vanlifer with a great T-shirt…

Hobo Gav loved it when he found one with the words, “Never underestimate an old man with a motorhome” on it. He bought the German version for some reason (as modelled in the picture above). It reminds him of our adventures in the Harz Mountains in Germany with our friends.

See the full range of van life T-shirts

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motorhome gifts: never underestimate an old man with a motorhome t-shirt

Van life hoodies, hats, and caps

When the weather’s a bit cooler a hoodie will keep you nice and snug.

Take a look at these lovely van life hoodies for him and her

motorhome hoodies for him and her

When the weather gets really chilly how about keeping your head warm with a vanlife hat or cap? (Hobo Gav never goes anywhere without a hat – in all weathers!)

A cap can also help with driving, especially when the sun is straight ahead. Well worth adding to your wardrobe…

Check out these fashionable van life hats and caps

Thermal underwear

Remember, “Heat the human, not the home.” This was the mantra last winter when the ‘cost of living crisis’ began. However, we’re not sure it applies 100% if you live in an RV. Your van will certainly need heat inside in the colder months. You’ll get this when driving but will probably need to use a diesel heater or some other heating device when parked up in really cold weather.

Our van’s heater runs off propane gas. It heats the whole van pretty well but we only turn it on when the temperature really plummets.

If you live in your van fulltime or road trip in winter you’ll know how cold it gets, especially at night. If you don’t want to keep spending your pennies on heating your van this range of thermal underwear will keep you nice and warm.

And let’s not forget your feet! Check out these thermal socks.

thermal underwear for vanlifers

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Waterproofs and reflective clothing

Van life isn’t always blue skies and sunshine as most websites (and Instagrammers) would have you believe…

Your motorhome clothing selection – especially if you live in the UK – should include some good waterproofs and reflective gear for inclement weather and for emergency situations.

We’ve sometimes been drenched through to the skin on our UK road trips, such as in Wales or Scotland. But not anymore…

These waterproofs all score 4+ and have great reviews (and some have built-in reflectors, keeping you safe on the road).

the best waterproofs for van life

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at our motorhome clothing selection and are excited about getting kitted out so that you’re ready for all seasons. You certainly need to be here in the UK!

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And if you’re just starting out in van life, make sure you take a look at our road trip essentials page before you hit the road.

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