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Welcome to our motorhome accessories shop where you’ll find everything you need for your RV, campervan or motorhome.

We’ve partnered up with Outdoor Bits – a UK family-based business – to help kit out your van, from everyday essentials to all you’ll ever need for road trips and off-grid wild camping.

When it comes to motorhome accessories, we’ve got it covered.

Hit the Outdoor Bits banner below or scroll down to view some of the things we’ve bought for our van…

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Established in 2004, Outdoor Bits is the UK’s leading provider of caravan and motorhome accessories, camping gear, and outdoor leisure equipment, and are continually adding new stock with the latest van life gadgets.

On our road trip essentials page we show you some of the things we never travel without.

Here, in our main shop, we’ll showcase additional items that can make van life and motorhome living even better – and a touch more luxurious!

As affiliates of Outdoor Bits, we may get a small commission if you choose to buy via any of the links on this page – at no extra cost to yourself. Our full Affiliate Products Disclosure can be read here.

To go straight to Outdoor Bits just click the banner below where a world of choice opens up to you, from van kitchen equipment to solar panels, satnavs to electric bikes, it’s all here!

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Listed below are some of the motorhome accessories we’ve bought ourselves

(Click the images or titles for more info and prices)

A strong, secure storage safe

Motorhome accessories - Caravan / Motorhome Storage Safe (mount supplied)

Every van needs one of these – a storage safe for important documents, money, passports etc.

This one is great as it comes with a strong ‘sleeve’ that you secure in your van, then the safe box slides in and locks into place, meaning nobody can walk off with it. Brilliant.

Fiamma 2-cycle bike rack

Motorhome accessories - Fiamma Carry-Bike Cycle Rack for VW T4

As we like cycling, we thought we’d get a good bike rack. This Fiamma one is strong and durable and has carried our bikes all over the UK.

Our van already had a rack on it when we bought it but it was over 20 years old – and hadn’t been fitted properly! Our friend, Dom, who knows all about these things suggested Fiamma for their quality and he fitted it for us.

Non-slip grip mat

Motorhome accessories - Quest None Slip Matting (Gripmat)

We bought some of this fairly early on as it can be used everywhere to stop things sliding about: in cupboards, on the dash, and on the floor.

Indeed, we have a rug on our laminate floor that would slide all over the place without this stuff. Now it doesn’t move an inch.

Mozzi-midge-fly net

Motorhome accessories - Fiamma Moskito Net 64cm Width

When it comes to motorhome accessories, this is one of the best things we’ve bought for summer seasons!

As you probably already know, during the warmer months your camper or motorhome will get hot, even with the windows open.

With one of these, you can keep the door wide open too, without those blasted flies or mosquitoes getting in. Or, even worse, midges (if you’re travelling in Scotland).

Want to know what we found was the best deterrent for midges? Find out on our road trip essentials page!

Thermal Interior Blinds

Thermal Interior Blinds VW T4

We bought these to keep the cab warmer overnight on our winter travels and cooler during the summer months. Easy to fit and take down again, we don’t know how we managed without them!

We obviously bought the VW T4 ones (though the picture here shows a Peugeot, we think, for some reason).

Gaslow refillable gas for motorhomes

Eco toilet fluid

Thetford Aqua Kem Green Concentrate 750ml

You’ll obviously need something for the toilet! This is an eco-friendly fluid that breaks down toilet waste quickly and easily, keeping your toilet smelling fresh as well as being good for the planet.

We put about 100mls of liquid to 2 litres of water and it seems to work really well (and this amount lasts about two days’ of loo use before you’ll need to refresh it).

Autoglym caravan and motorhome cleaner

Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner

We don’t know what they put in this stuff but it does the trick! It must be specially made for motorhome bodywork – and it cleans windows great as well.

You know how grimy the van can get along the sides, especially at the bottom, and at the top rear. This stuff removes it all, much easier than other cleaners we’ve tried.

Must be a secret ingredient!

Motorhome Fiamma Awnings

Fiamma clear vent

Motorhome accessories - Fiamma Vent 28 F Crystal

Our kitchen area in Cree is situated in the middle of the van and the natural light coming in from the small kitchen window was insufficient.

Dom, our friend, suggested replacing the skylight/vent with a clear one, instead of the opaque original. You wouldn’t believe what a difference it’s made!

And increased natural lighting saves using electric or batteries, of course.

LED strip lighting

And when natural daylight fades, we decided to get one of these LED strip lights for the kitchen. (Older vans have pretty poor interior lighting, ours creating about as much light as a 19th century paraffin lamp!)

This LED light gives off masses of bright light so you can see what you’re doing when prepping a meal at suppertime.

Motorhome accessories - Linear Strip LED Lights (36 LEDs)

Things we’re planning on getting next…

As we plan on doing even more wild camping over the next few years and going further afield, we’re looking into solar panels, satnavs, and wifi systems.

Here’s what Outdoor Bits have on offer…

German 150W solar panel kit

Motorhome accessories - 150W Premium Solar Panel Kit 12V

We’ve been advised that 100W is a minimum requirement for a solar panel to have any effect.

This 150W panel has German components and with Cree being a VW it looks like the one we’ll go for.

It’ll sit nicely on our redundant roof rack, which Gav has kept on the van because he thinks it looks cool!

UPDATE: We had this fitted in August 2020 – but not on the roof rack! See our van page.

Avtex caravan and motorhome satnav

Motorhome accessories - Avtex Tourer One Caravan and Motorhome Sat Nav

This would have come in really handy on a trip to Wales. A road closure left us relying on Google Maps which re-directed us to a bridge across a river. However, the bridge was only 6 foot 6 inches wide! No good for motorhomes, so, we had to go all the way back, a 50+ mile round trip.

This satnav would have saved us time and diesel as you can programme in your van’s dimensions and it will only suggest routes suitable for your vehicle, avoiding height barriers and low or narrow (!) bridges.

Books and Tour Guides

Motorhome accessories - France Trailer Park Guide Book

And finally, if we’re going to take the old girl across the channel, we reckon this guide will come in handy.

Gav has driven once through France all the way to Spain across the Pyrenees in an old Ford Mondeo, but it’s surely different in a motorhome?

There are other guide books here too, on Portugal, Italy, Morocco, and the Mediterranean.

Remember, to see the whole range of campervan and motorhome accessories at Outdoor Bits just click the banners!

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