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Would you like to make your van life adventures more spiritual? Then how about turning an ordinary road trip into a pilgrimage?

We’ve travelled thousands of miles in our old motorhome over the last few years. Now, in our latest ebook, Hobo Trudi tells the stories of pilgrimages we’ve taken along ancient routes in the UK.

If you love visiting sacred places or exploring ancient routes – and would like to make your next road trip more of a pilgrimage – you’ll find inspiration in each chapter of Meeting God in a Motorhome.

Ebook: meeting god in a motorhome - van life pilgrimages to sacred places in the UK by The Motorhome Hobos

Meeting God in a Motorhome – 7 different pilgrimages in 1 book

In Meeting God in a Motorhome we explore the history, myths, and stories of 7 different routes and sacred places in the UK.

This is where we dig deeper into the heart of van life and journeying – way beyond the practicalities. This is where road trips connect you to ancient history and awakens something deep in your soul.

Pilgrimage #1 – The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Becoming an island amidst life’s swirling ocean

The motorhome is our own desert island, a place of peace. Yet we must step out of the hab door into the crowds. Is it possible to carry tranquillity out into the storm of modern life?

Inner calm and serenity are forgotten in our hurried existence. On this pilgrimage, we discovered that this is not a new problem.

Pilgrimage #2 – The Pilgrim’s Way to Canterbury Cathedral

Medieval murder and childhood romance

Every one of us comes from a place of powerlessness – childhood. We carry our inner child with her hurts and injustices still stinging.

This pilgrimage was taken on behalf of Hobo Trudi’s inner child. It gave her a chance to speak, to heal, and to accept that the adult world makes less sense than she thought.

Pilgrimage #3 – Little Walsingham (known as England’s Nazareth)

A traditional pilgrimage

Pilgrimage has been practised over many centuries with various religions developing their own requirements. Walsingham, known as England’s Nazareth, is no different.

On this pilgrimage after we’d parked the motorhome, Hobo Gav chose to walk barefoot, Hobo Trudi in silence! Did it make any difference?

Pilgrimage #4 – North Wales Pilgrim’s Way

The difficult one

Using a three ton, thirty-year-old motorhome to complete a pilgrimage – closely following a hiking trail in mountainous countryside – is adventurous. Or lunacy.

This is the pilgrimage which gave us the most problems, but those were more of our own making than any vehicular limitations.

small stone circle near Dolbadarn Castle, LLanberis, on the North Wales Pilgrims Way
A small stone circle near Dolbadarn Castle, Llanberis, along the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way

Pilgrimage #5 – Avebury Stone Circle and the Ancient Ridgeway

A pilgrimage with children

Can you combine a pilgrimage with a family holiday? How can everyone gain what they need from the experience?

On this pilgrimage along the ancient path known as the Ridgeway, taking in the magnificent stone circle at Avebury, we found out that compromise and teamwork were essential travel companions.

Pilgrimage #6 – Glastonbury

Light and dark and the inner struggle

Glastonbury is a spiritual home to so many. Maybe the last resting place of the legendary folk hero King Arthur. It is the heart centre of Britain.

And yet Hobo Trudi heard her inner demons screaming above the excited chatter of tourists and tinkling wind chimes. In a town where love and light is thrown like confetti, she realised that the messages from our darker sides may be undervalued.

Pilgrimage # 7 – Bury St. EdmundsSt Edmund Way

Coming home

Home! Can a van really be a home when it never settles? Or is home an emotional space – a feeling of belonging that we carry inside rather than a physical location?

On this pilgrimage, walking and at times driving along the St. Edmund Way, Trudi tells the story of St Edmund, leading us full circle back to our home county of Suffolk.

ebook: meeting god in a motorhome by the motorhome hobos

Meeting God in a Motorhome has over 200 pages rich in history, mystery, and van life adventures.

If you love travel writing, are interested in exploring some of the UK’s old routes and sacred places, and want some ideas about how to make ordinary road trips more meaningful, this is the book for you.

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Meeting God in a Motorhome is in PDF format, which means you can download it straight to your device (no kindle required). This is an ebook (no hard copy will be sent to you).

There are over 200 pages, including several colour photographs of the sacred places we visited along each route.

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