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Thinking about buying a campervan or motorhome but don’t know where to start? We were in exactly the same situation 7 years ago…

With so many models on the market where do you begin? And what about motorhome scams? We’ve all heard the horror stories where folks have been conned out of thousands.

To save you time, money, and hassle we decided to write an ebook with the kind of info we were desperate for when looking for a van.

How to Find Your Perfect Motorhome is the essential guidebook to help you…

  • Choose the right type of vehicle that suits your needs
  • Work out an accurate budget for the purchase of the vehicle (and running costs)
  • Do all the proper research before you go to see it
  • Show you how to do a full inspection and test-drive
  • Negotiate money off the asking price
How to find your perfect motorhome ebook by the motorhome hobos

Grab your copy now for just £9.99 or scroll down to find out more…

So, what’s in the ebook?

How to Find Your Perfect Motorhome has almost 70 info-packed pages – not just pretty pictures. It comes in PDF format so you can download to your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet (no Kindle required).

This is the second edition of the book with added tips – including how to avoid motorhome scams.

We’ve made the whole van-searching process simple by narrowing it down to 4 essential and easy steps…

In Step 1 we delve into the Research Stage – to help you figure out the type of van you want

Step 2 is the Enquiry Stage – where you learn exactly what to ask the seller before you go to see the vehicle

In Step 3 we look at the Viewing Stage – where you’ll learn how to carry out a full inspection, both inside and outside the motorhome

And in Step 4 we cover the Test-Drive Stage – how to do a proper test drive

The ebook also includes FREE CHECKLISTS for each of the 4 steps which you can print off or save to your device, making sure you won’t miss a thing

The 4 essential steps to help you find your perfect motorhome

Step 1: The research stage will help you…

  • Figure out exactly the type of motorhome you want
  • Get clear on your buying budget and calculate average annual running costs
  • Work out how much the motorhome you like is really worth
  • Position yourself to get a better deal with private sellers and motorhome dealers

This first step goes into detail about what to look for on auction sites (such as Ebay) and online ads – and what to avoid!

Don’t fall victim to fake ads and scams, like one family in the UK did. They thought they had found their dream motorhome, only to be conned out of £14,000. We’ll reveal the full story in the book and give you tips about how to avoid being scammed.

We’ll also discuss the differences between buying private or from a dealer and the pros and cons of buying at a motorhome show.

This is vital advice if you’re confused about how to buy a motorhome – or from whom.

Doing the right research at the start could help you get hundreds or even thousands off the asking price!

Step 2: The enquiry stage will help you…

  • Find out the main things you need to ask the seller on the phone before you see the motorhome
  • Understand things like payload. (We had no idea what this was when we were searching for an RV but ignore it at your peril! Get this wrong and you might not even be able to drive the RV)
  • Why you should never pay a deposit before you see the van
  • Tips on how to pay for the motorhome (after you’ve seen it and your offer is accepted)

Asking the right questions on the phone before you go can save you a wasted journey half-way across the country.

But what do you ask the seller?

We’ve got all the questions covered in the book and you can use the checklist when you make the call to gather all the info you need.

Don’t travel hundreds of miles to see a dud! Know exactly what you need to ask the seller on the phone before you go

How to Find Your Perfect Motorhome - ebook by the Motorhome Hobos
Original Image: Rob Hayman

Step 3: The viewing stage will help you…

  • Make all the essential checks inside the motorhome (such as looking for water ingress – which can cost a fortune to put right)
  • Test all the appliances to make sure they work and are safe to use
  • Make essential outside checks such as spotting accident damage
  • Make basic engine checks (such as knowing what the colour of exhaust smoke means, especially important if you’re buying an older RV)

Step 3 is a biggie: you’re seeing the van in the flesh and there’s a lot to take in, especially if you’re new to all this.

The fact is that inspecting a motorhome is so much more involved than viewing a car.

The checklist for step 3 will ensure you don’t miss a thing and will quickly help you spot a good RV from a bad one

Step 4: The test drive stage will show you…

  • What to look, listen and feel for when you’re behind the wheel
  • How to do a proper test drive – it’s no use just going around the block!
  • How to negotiate a better deal and get hundreds (or thousands) off the asking price
  • How to finalise the deal and drive home safely

The test drive can make or break the deal. Is the motorhome a delight to drive or is it a nightmare to handle out on the open road?

If it’s the perfect motorhome for you and your offer is accepted, you’ll soon be driving home in your very own RV – with a huge smile on your face!

The checklist for step 4 helps you come to a decision: either make an offer or walk away

Take the confusion out of buying a motorhome – grab our ebook now for just £9.99

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