What is a habitation check?

A habitation check (often shortened to ‘hab check’) is usually carried out yearly by someone qualified to do so.

They check for damp in the motorhome, as well as making sure the appliances are safe to use (such as the gas appliances like the oven, fridge and heater). You don’t want gas spewing into your motorhome!

New RVs (and used ones from a dealer) should have had a hab check and you will get signed paperwork to prove it. If you’re buying an RV from a private seller always ask when the last hab check was carried out.

You can expect to pay £200-£300 for a full hab check.

Please note: a hab check is not a legal requirement. It gives you peace of mind (and your insurance company may ask about it) but the choice is yours. We usually have one done by our friend (who is qualified) every couple of years.

You can check for damp yourself with a handy little damp meter reader (a gadget that helped us get £1500 off the asking price of our van!)

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