What are the different types of motorhomes?

Motorhomes basically fall into 3 separate categories…

A-Class motorhomes are the big, bus-like vehicles, shaped like a brick. Think Hymers and things like Winnebagos.

B-Class motorhomes are really more like panel vans that have been converted into a campervan. Popular examples are the Iveco Daily Campervan and the Mercedes Sprinter

C-Class motorhomes can be distinguished by their over-head cab which is usually a sleeping space (but not always). Our VW Cree is a C-Class motorhome.

And let’s not forget the smaller campervans; things like Ford Transits, VW T4s, 5s and 6s, as well as the classic VW campervans and Mazda Bongos.

Which type of RV you go for will be based on your needs and your budget.

Think about…

  • How much space do you require?
  • How many beds do you need?
  • How confident are you in driving a bigger vehicle (some of which are over 30 feet long)?

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