How can I keep my motorhome safe and secure?

Unless you’re able to keep your motorhome on your own driveway, we feel it’s most secure kept at a registered motorhome/caravan storage yard.

Such places have locked security gates and CCTV cameras. We keep our van at one when we’re not away on road trips.

But if you park your RV at home or out on the street (or when you’re on a road trip vacation) what are the best devices and gadgets to keep your van safe when you park up and go off exploring?

Here are some basic security gadgets to consider…

  • Steering lock
  • Wheel clamp
  • Clutch claw
  • Immobiliser and alarm (new motorhomes have these fitted as standard)
  • Tracking device
  • Dummy flashing light (that looks like an alarm)
  • Stickers on windows (to deter would-be thieves, e.g. “This RV is fitted with an immobiliser/tracking device” etc.)

See other motorhome security devices here

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