Should I buy a motorhome on Ebay?

There are thousands of used RVs on Ebay, some great, some not so great. And there are undoubtedly some real duds.

For this reason you’ve got to do your research before hitting that button and committing to making a purchase.

Even though the motorhome you’re viewing on Ebay might look great in the pictures, we can assure you it’ll look different in the flesh.

So we always advise going to see the motorhome (and taking a test drive) before making an offer or placing a deposit on Ebay. Yes, this might mean driving right across the country to see the van but doing so could save you thousands of pounds; you don’t want to end up with a money pit of a vehicle!

So, in summary we say Ebay could be a great way to find your ideal van – but be cautious. Do your research, speak to the seller, and most importantly go to see the motorhome yourself and give it a proper test drive.

There’s no shame in walking away, even if the seller calls you a ‘tyre kicker’. If something doesn’t feel right, look elsewhere.

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