Is wild camping in a motorhome illegal?

Wild camping in a motorhome has become a contentious issue since the pandemic, not helped by the law which is far from easy to understand.

Suffice to say that in the UK wild camping is more tolerated in some areas than it is in others.

For example, Scotland has a more relaxed attitude about wild camping, though you should still seek permission from the landowners (if you can find them).

But even in Scotland there are some routes, such as the NC500, that are becoming increasingly difficult to wild camp due to the sheer volume of vans, especially during the summer.

Locals get annoyed and authorities clamp down on unruly behaviour (admittedly, from a minority of motorhomers). But it only takes one negative story for all motorhomers to be tarred with the same brush.

We’ve written extensively about wild camping in the UK and cover things like how to stay safe, remain respectful to locals and the environment, and how to avoid trouble with authorities, including the police.

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