How long does it take to convert a van?

Buying a panel van then converting it into a campervan has become more popular over the last few years.

Although many van-lifers do convert their own vans, there are specialist companies who can do it for you but these, as you can imagine, are expensive. You can buy yourself a van then spend as much again – if not more – paying someone to convert it for you.

If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need space, time (it’ll take a lot longer than you think), the right tools, some basic DIY carpentry skills and some knowledge of electrics (and you’ll need to learn more as you go).

If you are going down the DIY route, check out the campervan conversion resources we recommend that will help guide you every step of the way.

One thing to consider: If you want to hit the road asap get a van that’s already done. If you have time (say a minimum of 3 months) then campervan conversion might be an option for you.

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