As a full-timer, how can I deal better with van life stress?

As we’ve seen in films like Nomadland, van life has a darker side. It’s not all sunny skies and stunning scenery.

Instagram has become a popular platform for people to report their bad van life experiences, leading to stress, anxiety, and depression – three things you’d never associate with the freedom that van life brings.

But the reality is that living fulltime in an RV has its everyday stresses, much like living a more traditional bricks and mortar life.

That’s why we created a section on our site about van life health and wellbeing that covers…

  • How to ensure your emotional needs are met (to help keep you mentally healthy)
  • A list of brain boosting foods to help keep your grey matter in tip top condition
  • The healing power of nature: why its so important to get out of the van and connect with the world around you
  • Mindfulness and meditation (to help you create a sense of inner calm on your journeys)
  • And a selection of travel-related hypnosis downloads

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