Are VW campervans worth the money?

The classic VW campervans first rolled off the production lines way back in 1950. They proved popular right from the off and more than 70 years on, their appeal is still enormous.

The early ‘splitty’s’ sell for crazy money. Later models in top condition still sell for in excess of £20,000. And you’d have to pay a few thousand even for a rust bucket that needs major work.

As an investment, it looks like the classic VW campervan will hold its price for years to come. Sure, these old vans do go wrong but if you have some basic mechanical knowledge, the engines are so simple you could have a go at fixing them yourself by the roadside.

So, in answer to your question, are VW campervans worth the money? Well, it depends what you want one for.

We’d say that a classic camper is not the ideal vehicle if you’re a family of 4 embarking on a long road trip covering hundreds of miles. Yes, these little VW engines are robust and have stood the test of time but they’re not very economical and struggle uphill.

Their space is also limited though an awning attached to the side when parked up would double the size of your living area.

As you can see, there are pros and cons. It might be an idea to hire a classic campervan to ‘test the water’ before diving in at the deep end.

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