Affiliate Product Disclosure Document

Valid from 22nd May 2020

On, we like to recommend relevant products which we have used ourselves or extensively researched and found to be of good value and quality.

This means that when we recommend a product and provide a link for it, should you go on to buy via the link we will receive a small commission. This does not involve any additional cost to you, the customer.

Not every product we mention on our site or in our ebook is part of an affiliate scheme, meaning that on those products, we will not earn any money at all.  We simply recommend them because we like them, have found them to be of good quality and fit for purpose. 

The companies we are affiliated to are…

1) Amazon (for books and motorhome-related products)

2) Outdoor Bits (for larger motorhome products)

3) Spaceships Rentals (for campervan and motorhome hire)

4) Uncommon Knowledge (meditation and hypnosis downloads for vanlife health and wellbeing)

Where does the money go?

The money from affiliate sales helps us to keep the content on this website free of charge. Some of it is put back into the site in the form of a small stock of products we personally buy and sell from the sites. And some helps to keep our vintage van on the road a little while longer!

And finally …

Our integrity, the website, the products we recommend and above all, your satisfaction are very important to us. 

If you have any questions or comments about this disclosure document or about any of the products and/or serices on this website, please feel free to contact us here.

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