About Us

Hi, we’re Gav and Trudi Roberts and we love nothing better than to hit the road in our VW T4 motorhome and venture forth into unknown territory or revisit some of our favourite places.

We got married in August 2019 in Scotland and spent our honeymoon driving through the Highlands in our van, Cree.

Motorhome Hobos in Dent, Cumbria, on the way to Scotland

We both lead busy lives  – Gav runs his own hypnotherapy practice and Trudi is deputy manager and Dementia Care Coach at a care home – but we try to organise our time so that we’re able to get away from our day jobs as much as possible.

Addicted to van life

Van life has become more like an addiction than a hobby to us and we hope to spend longer periods away, either in the UK or abroad over the coming years. 2020’s lockdown has certainly played havoc with this year’s plans, for sure.

We’re suffering from van life withdrawal symptoms!

One of the main messages we’d like to get across here and in our free ebook is that motorhoming can be done more cheaply than some bloggers would have you believe. You don’t need tens of thousands to do this. Freedom really can be yours on a far less extravagant budget.

This is one of the reasons we’ve created Motorhome Hobos; we love being on the road and enjoying the lifestyle that it brings and we’d like to share our experiences and knowledge, giving you the hope that you too can do it.

But why hobos?

Just a word about hobos and why we chose the name…

Far from being lazy tramps as they have often been perceived, most hobos were willing to travel miles from town to town on railroad wagons looking for any kind of work to make ends meet.

Black and white picture of Hobo getting on a train
Picture source: vox.com

We might not be hobos in a literal sense, of course, but we certainly didn’t have £50,000+ to spend on a modern motorhome like some people do. No, we had to settle for something far more modest.

But very much like hobos, we were drawn to the idea of working whilst on the road, travelling from place to place.

Out in our van, we’ll often create things: folk music, poetry, soundscape recordings for meditations, and even walking staffs and magic wands. We hope to make some of these creations available on Etsy soon.

Some of Trudi’s poetry, much of which has been written during our travels, can be read on her personal blog www.through-the-glass.com

None of this would be possible without our van, of course, so click here now to read about our van, Cree and find out how we found freedom on a budget.

Get in touch!

Find out more about us in our free ebook, Getting Started on the Freedom Trail. It’s full of hints and tips to help you find the right van for you and how to prepare for your early days in van life.

If we can do it, so can you!

Hopefully we’ll see you on the road somewhere and if you’d like to get in touch message us here or contact us via our Social Media pages…





Motorhome Hobos in Glencoe, Scotland
Rain-soaked Hobos and loving every minute of it in Glencoe, Scotland

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