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Hi, we’re Gav and Trudi Roberts and on this page you can find out a bit about us and our van life story.

About us: the motorhome hobos share their story and mission statement for all wannabe vanlifers

We’ve been motorhoming in our 1992 VW T4 Autotrail Cree since 2017.

On this page we’ll share with you…

  • The story of how we found our van after a year of searching
  • Why we got £1500 off the asking price – and how you might be able to do the same when you buy your van
  • Our mission statement: why we feel van life is possible for anyone no matter your budget
  • Our anti-advertising and anti AI ethos
  • Info about our Social Media channels and free monthly newsletter

How we got started in van life

After about a year of searching for the right motorhome our luck turned when a friend asked, “I need some money quick: would you like to buy my camper?”

She wanted £7,500 for it but even this was out of our price range; we knew we’d need a loan from the bank.

When an inspection by a qualified friend revealed a major water ingress issue (a potential hazard, especially on older motorhomes) we got £1500 off the asking price. The van needed some major fixing to sort out the rot, but getting a motorhome for £6000 told us something important; van life is possible for anyone – no matter how small your budget.

Once the van was fixed we hit the road asap and have since travelled all over England, Scotland, and Wales.

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Motorhome Hobos ‘mission statement’

Getting started in van life on a small budget spurred us on. If we could do it, anyone could!

We wanted to share our story with others who were thinking of buying a used motorhome and starting a new life on the road (either full or part time).

So we created this website, sharing our tips (and inevitable newbie mistakes) and wrote our first ebook How to Find Your Perfect Motorhome.

Our mission statement (and tag line for this website) became ‘van life without breaking the bank’.

Our story – and stories from other vanlifers – proves that it can be done even on the tightest budget. (We met a guy who bought a van for just £350 and has travelled all over Europe it in!)

If you want to get started in van life – without breaking the bank – we want to help you!

how to find your perfect motorhome - ebook
Original Image: Rob Hayman

Why Motorhome Hobos? How we came up with the name…

So, why hobos? How did we come up with the name?

Far from being lazy tramps as they have often been portrayed, most hobos were willing to travel miles from town to town on railroad wagons across the U.S. looking for any kind of work to make ends meet. See our blog post about hobos.

We might not be hobos in a literal sense, of course, but we certainly didn’t have £70,000+ to spend on a new motorhome.

However, very much like hobos, we were drawn to the idea of ‘working‘ whilst on the road, travelling from place to place. Out in our van, we’ll often create content for this website, our ebooks, social media channels, and our free newsletter.

Trudi is the main writer for the Motorhome Hobos Blog Posts as well as our social media channels (see below). She also writes poetry, much of which has been written on our road trips. You can check out some of Trudi’s poems at Whole Life Poetry.

When we’re not on the road, Gav is busy helping clients at his hypnotherapy practice in Suffolk and online.

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Our anti-advertising and anti-AI ethos

One more thing about us…

There are so many van life blogs and websites on the net these days but many of them – we feel – are ruined by annoying adverts. When creating this site we were certain we didn’t want to spoil your enjoyment with ads after every few lines of text.

You’ll never see a Google or Mediavine ad popping up on this site.

We also want to state that we do not use AI anywhere on this site. All content (written content in blog posts and pages) is written and edited by us (not by computer bots).

In a world being increasingly ruled by technology, we have chosen to try to keep things as human (and simple) as possible. It seems more real this way and we hope you appreciate that.

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About us: the Motorhome Hobos road tripping in Scotland

We hope to see you on the road!

Gav and Trudi Roberts,

The Motorhome Hobos – vanlife without breaking the bank

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