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We want to make it easier (and cheaper) for you to get started in van life and enjoy motorhoming on a budget.

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But it’s not just practical motorhome stuff we cover on this website and in our newsletters: we want to go way deeper into the culture, psychology and even spirituality of van life…

To our way of thinking, van life is about freedom and reclamation. Freedom from the 9 to 5, freedom from the system, and the reclamation…of your own life.

This is what having a motorhome means to us and if this resonates with you please dive into our pages and blog posts.


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VW motorhome at Walberswick, Suffolk

Some of the best content on motorhome hobos

These are just some of the things we’ll be looking at here…

  • Van Life – The Call to Adventure – why we think van life is more than just travelling from A to B and how it meets a need for adventure that is programmed into our DNA. Here we’ll also tell you about our old VW van and cover things like campervan conversion and looking after your motorhome throughout the year
  • Vintage Vans and Motorhomes – if you’re still at the stage of looking for an RV or campervan our galleries will give you a flavour of what you might be able to buy – without breaking the bank! There are some really good used motorhomes and campervans out there for as little as £10,000 – and some for much less!
  • Advice on Buying an Older Motorhome – here we look more deeply at the things you must check for when inspecting an older RV
  • Road Trip Tips and Ideas – planning a road trip and making sure your campervan is up to the task. Plus, see the essential items we always carry in our van and read the stories of the spectacular routes and day drives we’ve taken in the UK
  • Wild Camping in a Motorhome – if you’ve not ventured into the wild yet, find out how to do it right, stay safe, and keep out of trouble
  • Campsite Advice – understanding UK campsite rules and regulations and the different types of campsites plus a look at other options such as Britstops, Search for Sites and Aires
  • Motorhome Rental – if you’re thinking of renting a motorhome or campervan for a UK staycation (or a road trip around Europe) we’ll tell you the vital questions you need to ask any RV rental company before you go
  • Van Life Health and Wellbeing – ideas and practises to keep you physically fit and mentally healthy on the road – especially important for full-time van-lifers or if you’re touring for extended periods
  • Pilgrimages and Spiritual Journeys – tips and ideas about how to turn ordinary road trips into deeply meaningful, memorable, and even spiritual experiences by following some ancient routes and visiting some of the UK’s most sacred places

Older campervans and motorhomes: freedom on a budget!

One of the main points we hope to get across on this site and in our newsletters is that motorhoming – and the freedom it brings – can be done on a budget…

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a motorhome!

Read our story and mission statement about why we believe motorhoming can be done on all budgets

Here’s the thing…

We picked up our old VW T4 Autotrail motorhome for just £6000 back in 2017.

That’s us and our van in the picture below…

motorhome hobos playing music outside their VW Cree campervan

There are plenty of good older campervans out there as we highlight in our vintage vans and motorhomes gallery where you’ll see a £350 Mercedes Sprinter that has taken its owner all over Europe! Yes, just £350!

If you’re in the process of searching for a motorhome, our gallery and rough price guide will give you some idea of what you might be able to find – without needing to take out a second mortgage!

Going to look at an older motorhome or campervan? Download our FREE RV INSPECTION CHECKLIST so you won’t miss a thing

Road trips, pilgrimages, and spiritual journeys

As you delve deeper into our site you’ll get a flavour of our van life philosophy.

Each road trip and pilgrimage is driven by a longing for something much richer than the mundanity of every-day life. A yearning deep in the soul demands adventure!

Every trip contains the seeds of ancient wisdom, as if the ancestors are tempting you out of your comfort zone and into unknown worlds, inviting you to try to understand this human journey a little bit better.

We see our old van as travel guide, teacher and guru, leading us to where we need to go and what we need to learn about life.

This is what van life can do for you. Freedom flows through your veins when you turn the key.

Since getting our motorhome she’s taken us all over England, Scotland and Wales and we’re looking forward to our first journey across the water to Ireland, France, or Germany.

But when time is short, we’re more than happy to stay local and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Suffolk Coast.

VW T4 motorhome at Walberswick, Suffolk

Would you like to hire a motorhome?

If you’re really keen to get into van life but haven’t found the right vehicle yet, have you considered hiring a motorhome or campervan?

You can hire a good-sized vehicle for a lot less than you think. You’ll have an epic adventure and on top of that, RV rental offers you something else…

Renting an RV gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, just to see if you actually like van life. (It’s a lot cheaper than splashing out thousands on your own motorhome, only to find out you hate being in a van!)

However – and this is the important bit – there are several things you need to know before you go ahead and hire a motorhome…

We highlight all you need to ask a motorhome hire company before hitting the road.

Spaceships Rentals motorhome hire
Photo source: Spaceships Rentals

Health and wellbeing for life on the road

If you live fulltime on the road in your van, you’ll know how important it is to stay mentally healthy.

The truth is that van life and motorhome living is not always sunny skies and stunning scenery!

You’ve only got to watch the film, Nomadland, to see what we mean. Just as with a more conventional lifestyle, van life has its own challenges and sometimes us motorhomers can feel run down, overwhelmed, or stressed out.

Our van life health and wellbeing section aims to address that.

Feeling better in yourself – physically and mentally – will help you enjoy your van life adventures even more.

With Hobo Gav being a trained hypnotherapist with over 20 years’ experience, we’ll look at several ways to keep you physically and mentally healthy on the road, such as addressing emotional needs, taking time out in nature and practising things like mindfulness, meditation, and self-hypnosis to deal with things like stress and travel anxiety.

Motorhome gifts and accessories

If you already have a van of your own you will, at some point, want to buy some accessories for it. We’ve bought a number of things over the last five years, from simple products costing just a few pounds, to more expensive items like solar panels.

So, whether it’s cheap essentials you’re after before you hit the road or more expensive items like satnavs, we’ve got it all in our motorhome gifts and accessories shop. There are over 100 great van life gifts that make perfect presents for Christmas and birthdays!

Hit the button below where you’ll find motorhome gadgets, kitchenware, cleaning products, clothing, interior decor ideas, and loads more, many of which we use ourselves and can vouch for.

Best books for holiday reading

One of the things we love to do – especially when the weather is not so good – is to hunker down in the van with a cup of tea and a good book.

In our Favourite Van Life and Travel Books we review some of what we think are the best books in the genre from authors such as Raynor Winn, Robert MacFarlane, Martin Dorey and other best-selling writers.

We add new reviews regularly so bookmark the page and check back often! You’ll certainly find some inspiration for your next road trip adventure…

Into the wild - Jon Krakauer

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